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Old May 17th, 2001, 04:09 AM
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'Discussion' of experience and character improvement over on the T^20 forum reminded me of this compromise rule I came up with a while back in attempt to balance various styles and approaches within the greater Traveller system. Format is unapologetically MT-based. Any comments?

Brownie Points (Optional rule for 'heroic-style' campaigns): Upon the conclusion of each adventure situation, at the discretion of the referee one or more Brownie Points (BP) may be awarded to any player or players who have performed exceptionally well during the course of the adventure, be it through heroic action, decisive leadership, or simply exceptional in-character roleplaying. The referee should take care to award points based on the effort and performance of the player, not the innate capabilities of his or her character.

These Brownie Points function exactly as described on p. 46 of the MegaTraveller Players' Manual with the added provision that a player may only use Brownie Points to affect his own die rolls, not those of the referee or of other players. Furthermore, any Brownie Points acquired but not used during the character generation process are carried over and may also be used during game-play. Note that since Brownie Point adjustments are applied after the die roll (as opposed to DMs from Tactics skill, which are applied before the roll), they may allow a character to circumvent the standard +/-8 DM limit and achieve success where not otherwise possible.

This system is intended to provide players with an additional record of achievement and concrete reward for exceptional play without violating either the balance or spirit of the existing rules for character improvement (see MegaTraveller Players' Manual pp. 41-43). Adoption of this system should be done only upon serious consideration by the referee, as it not only gives player characters an inherent and significant advantage over all non-player characters, but also allows "heroism" and narrative concerns to occasionally circumvent logic and probability in a manner unanticipated and unaccounted for within the rest of the system, and which can significantly affect the tone and/or verisimilitude of the entire campaign.
Old May 17th, 2001, 05:34 AM
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Like it. Whether I'd use it much I'm not sure - since 90% of FRP's are basically Heroic anyway, part of Traveller's appeal for me has always been that it's _not_ dealing with cartoonish heroes, and if I was going to run a Space Opera type game in the Traveller Universe I'd probably go the whole hog and adapt Robin Laws system from Hero Wars.

But as an optional refinement I think this has a lot of merit.


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