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Old February 15th, 2015, 05:35 AM
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Default Real stars and their Traveller systems

A few of the Solomani Rim mainworlds, in CT's Alien Module 6 (Solomani) have their real-life star names given for the system. E.g. Boskone (Alpha Indi), Cicero (Alpha Tauri), Midway (Lalande 21185).

Is there a list somewhere of known stars (real-life ones) and their Traveller system location/mainworld name equivalents?

I've got this but don't know where all the ones not confirmed as canonical came from... (spoilered for length)

Name / Traveller Name / Gliese(GJ)Number
61 Cygni A Nusku 820
61 Cygni B Nusku 820
70 Ophiuchi A Zaggisi 702
70 Ophiuchi B Zaggisi 702
82 Eridani Mirabilis 139
AC+12 1800-213 Remulak 213
Alpha Aquilae Altair 768
Alpha Aurigae A Capella 194
Alpha Bootis Arcturus 541
Alpha Centauri A Prometheus 559
Alpha Centauri B Prometheus 559
Alpha Cephei Stralsund
Alpha Crucis Alpha Crucis 455.3
Alpha Crucis A Alpha Crucis 455.3
Alpha Fornacis B Durgha 127
Alpha Gemini A Castor 278
Alpha Gemini B Castor 278
Alpha Gemini C Castor 278
Alpha Gemini D Castor 278
Alpha Indi Boskone
Alpha Lyrae Vega (Gwathui) 721
Alpha Ophiuchi A Depot
Alpha Ophiuchi B Depot
Alpha Piscis Austrini Fomalhaut 881
Alpha Tauri A Cicero 9159A
Alpha Tauri B Cicero 9159B
Alpha Trianguli Australis Cephesa
Antares A Antares
Antares B Antares
Barnard's star (in 1102 Imperial) Barnard 699
Beta Aquilae A Mashaddun 771
Beta Aquilae B Mashaddun 771
Beta Cassiopei A Eyck 8
Beta Cassiopei B Eyck 8
Beta Gemini Pollux 286
Beta Leonis Denebola 448
Beta Trianguli Australis Khalikkam 601
Canopus Canopus
CD-32 12397 Shulgi
Delta Aquilae A Hieronymous 760
Delta Aquilae B Hieronymous 760
Deneb Deneb
DM+17 2611 A Nyarlathotep 505
DM+17 2611 B Nyarlathotep 505
DM+36 1979 [New] Greenpernt 356
DM+36 1979 [New] Greenpernt 356
DM+42 1956 A Kukulcan 332
DM+42 1956 B Kukulcan 332
DM+44 4548 Kidashi 2
DM+45 4408 A Basse Terre 4
DM-12 4523 A Apishal 628
DM-21 1377 A Luuru 229
DM-21 1377 B Luuru 229
DM-34 11626 A Dingir 667
DM-34 11626 B Dingir 667
DM-34 11626 C Dingir 667
DM-45 13677 Allamu 784
DM-45 7872 Tewfik 477
DM-9 3413 Jorjor 454
DX Cancri Dismal 1111
Epsilon Ceti A Gashidda 105.4
Epsilon Ceti B Gashidda 105.4
Epsilon Cygni Ishadar 806.1
Epsilon Eridani A Shulimik 144
Epsilon Indi A Meshan 845
Epsilon Indi Ba Meshan
Epsilon Indi Bb Meshan
Epsilon Scorpii Cambria
Eta Bootis A Aqilat 534
Eta Cassiopei A Lagash/Amarku 34
Eta Cassiopei B Lagash/Amarku 34
Eta Cephei Hsivyu 807
G 099-049 Ys
GJ 1116 A Inferno
GJ 1116 B Inferno
GJ 682 Kinunir 682
GJ832 Enki Kalamma 832
Iota Horologii Pilgham 108
Iota Ursae Majoris A Goliad 331
Kruger 60A Ishimshulgi 860
Kruger 60B Ishimshulgi 860
L 726-8 Markhashi 65
L119 44 Ishkur
L316 62 Trapezus 333
L347 14 Shulgiili 754
L399 68 Cymbeline
Lacaille 8760 Karkhar 825
Lacaille 9352 Shuruppak 887
Lalande 21185 Midway 411
LHS 292 Peraspera
LP30-55 Kaguk(hassagan)
LTT 12352 Hades
LTT 17993 Calgary
Mu Cassiopei A Ninkhur Sagga 53
Mu Herculis A Ashtagz Tyui 695
Mu Herculis B Ashtagz Tyui 695
Mu Herculis C Ashtagz Tyui 695
Omicron^2 Eridani Sarpedon 166
Procyon A Fenris 280
Procyon B Fenris 280
Ross 128 Loki 447
Ross 154 Agidda 729
Ross 249 Eneldun 907
Ross 619 Forlorn 299
Sirius Sirius
Sol Terra
Spica Spica
Tau Ceti Iilike
Theta Centauri Immir
Wolf 359 Junction
Wolf 424 Ember
Wolf 46 Mukhaldim
YZ Canis Minoris Hephaistos
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