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Adventurers Tell us your Traveller character stats, skills, and details.

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Old September 12th, 2018, 02:51 PM
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Default Bayani Masipag

This character is my test-run of the Mongoose Traveler chargen rules, in the Interstellar Wars milieu. I was heading toward re-creating my Merchant Prince 'patron NPC' character, who was high in Liaison and Broker.

Bayani Masipag Age 43
6 7 6 C A 8

Admin-2, Astrogation-1, Broker-5, Carouse-0, Comms-0, Computer-2, Drive (wheeled)-0, Gun Combat (Energy Pistol)-1, Persuade-2, Pilot (Spacecraft)-1, Social Sciences (Economics)-1, Steward-2, Streetwise-2, Survival-0, Vacc Suit-0

Cr55000, 4 Ship Shares, 4 Free Trader (20 shares of a Free Trader or 8 shares of any other ship), 1 Stunner
Pension Cr12000 / year

The Stats and the Mechanics
Beginning characteristics (2d each): 6, 7, 7, 12, 10, 8
Background: Level-0 skills: 3 + EDUmod (+1) = 4 skills
Gain Social Science (Economics)-0, Computer-0, Survival-0, Carouse-0
Enlist as Merchant (Broker) (4+): roll 8
First Term
Basic Training: Drive (wheeled)-0, Vacc Suit-0, Broker-0, Steward-0, Comms-0, Persuade-0
Survive (5+): roll 7
Event: Legal trouble. Gain Admin-1
Skill (Broker chart): Gain Persuade-1
Promotion (7+): roll 5. Advance (7+): roll 8
Second Term
Survive (5+): roll 7
Event: Smuggling. Succeed (8+): roll 7 + 1 (Persuade) = 8. Gain Streetwise-1 and 1 Benefit roll
Skill (Broker chart): Gain Persuade-1
Promotion (7+): roll 10. Gain skills Broker-1 (not additive), Broker-1. Rank Broker1
Third Term
Survive (5+): roll 6
Event: Disaster! War. Gain Pilot (Spacecraft)-1
Skill (Adv. EDU chart): Gain Astrogation-1
Advancement (7+): roll 13. Skill Computer-1. Rank Broker2
Fourth Term
Survive (5+): roll 7
Event: Specialist School (8+): roll 9. Gain Broker-1
Skill (Adv. EDU chart): Gain Social Science (Economics)-1
Advancement (7+): roll 8. Gain Streetwise-1. Rank Broker3
Aging: No effect
Fifth Term
Survive (5+): roll 9
Event: Specialist School (8+): roll 8. Gain Broker-1
Skill (Service Skills chart): Gain Steward-1
Promotion (7+): roll 8. Gain Computer-1. Rank Broker4
Aging: No effect
Sixth Term
Survive (5+): roll 9
Event: Lucrative Deal (8+). Risk 6 Benefit rolls. Roll 4 + 4 (Broker) = 8. Gain 3 Benefit rolls, Broker-1
Skill (Broker chart): Gain Admin-1
Advancement (7+): roll 10. Gain Steward-1. Rank Broker5
Aging: -1 to STR/DEX/END; chose END

Benefit rolls: 6 (terms) + 3 (rank) + 4 (events) = 13 rolls.
+1 to all rolls due to rank.
4 Ship Share 4 Ship Share 6 Free Trader 6 Cr40000
5 Free Trader 3 Gun: Stunner 6 Free Trader 3 Gun Combat-1
1 Cr5000 4 Ship Share 5 Free Trader
2 Cr10000 4 Ship Share

The Story
I was born in the Philippines in 2127. My family is primarily Tagalog plus Chinese diaspora, with an admixture of Spanish Empire and a splash of American heritage in my blood. I decided that I wanted to work in the Ziru Sirka, learning how the Vilani so easily (or so it seemed from afar) accomplished something that had always been so difficult for Terrans: maintaining most of a society in casual comfort.

I was extremely fortunate to gain employment with Sharurshid (the Vilani megacorporation) in 2245 – just weeks before the Third Interstellar War broke out. I had a tough time fitting in, even though I can pass as Vilani at a casual glance. During the Siege of Terra, I was hauled into an immigration office to determine if my paperwork was in proper order. I learned a bit about handling bureaucrats, and Persuading other people, in the process of clearing up the misunderstanding. During this time my application for promotion was denied without explanation. Rumor at the time had it that somebody learned that I was a khagarii (“dissident”). It could have been worse, I suppose – in fact I was a Terran!

The war drug on and I tried to improve my own position, rather clumsily I must say in retrospect. I got myself engaged with a smuggling ring. When the Vilani police cracked down on the operation’s principals, I once again had to talk my way out of trouble. I barely succeeded; only much later would I gain access to my small cut of the profits, a line of credit worth Cr40000. Despite this fiasco, I finally achieved my certification as a Broker, competent to participate in the economic machinery of the Ziru Sirka.

I was assigned to a damgar (freighter) out of Dingir. Our convoy was ambushed by Terran commerce raiders in the Apishal system, screening the Terran offensive against Nusku. A hit by a particle accelerator gave most of us intense radiation sickness. I accepted bridge duties so the desperately ill officers could stay in Sickbay and recover more quickly. During my own time in the infirmary I formally learned the basics to pilot and navigate a starship. I was granted a promotion in recognition of my efforts.

I had had enough adventure and excitement on the “seamy side” of life; with the end of the Third Interstellar War I determined to improve myself in my official trade. I enrolled in Specialist School to learn more of the techniques employed by highly-skilled Brokers. I also learned how to locate each world’s duraag (“The Market”) and work smoothly within those customs. I graduated after a full course of study, and was promoted as well.

My reputation seemed to have preceded me; a few resentful Vilani stalwarts decided to take down the upstart lukurranii (“barbarian”). I was offered an “opportunity of a lifetime” deal that was secretly sabotaged. It took all my skill and knowledge to penetrate the camouflage and detect the trap. Much to the chagrin of my foes, I came out of the deal with a new 15% interest in a Free Trader, and a reputation something like “The Wolf of Wall Street”, my skills as a Broker honed to those of an expert.

I decided that the time had come to complete a long-term desire. My goal had been to learn Vilani economic systems. I thought now was the time to open up an interface line between Terra and the nearest Vilani worlds, tying the two cultures together for mutual (and personal) profit. I came back to my home world. To acquaint myself with Terran trade customs, I offered my services as a lecturer to the Terran Confederation’s Ministries of Trade and Production. The lecture tour and incidental debriefings (disguised as an assistant helping me draft lecture notes and planning my itinerary) took most of a year.

Now it is 2170AD and I am ready to step out on my own, part-owner and onboard crewman of some small freighter.

My Impressions
I am going to add the 'background skills' and Mongoose's handling of Jack-of-Trades on to my CT (as in The Traveller Book) -based chargen method.
I really liked the Life Events table, but I'm not sure I want to copy / create tables for every possible career.
Master, Hero (Siigiizuni)-class freighter Salutary Neglect.
Founder of Epsilon Ceti interface line.

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