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In My Traveller Universe Detail what parts of Traveller you do (or don't) use in your campaign.

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Old February 10th, 2019, 06:13 AM
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Default Spec Trader

One of the interesting things I've seen in life is that people will apply themselves to all sorts of skills and endeavors. When they work hard their achievements are noticeable. For example: olympic sports, cheerleading, rodeo bull riding, writing game notes on ship design, etc. People work hard, achieve, compete, and roll dice in a sense. With that in mind, I offer the rough draft of a new Merchant type.

Spec Trader

A branch of Merchant focused on the Speculative Trade process and Market Development.

Life Service Officer Development
1 Combat Persuade Liaison Liaison
2 Carouse Investigate Legal Computer
3 Streetwise Admin Leader Legal
4 +1 Edu Broker +2 Edu +1 Edu
5 +1 End Vehicle Admin Science(Any)
6 +1 Int Leader Ship Skill Trade(Any)
7 +2 Edu Legal Ship Tactics +1 Soc
+2 DM Int 8+ Terms 3+ Rank O3+ Terms 3+

The first two columns are for either career path. The Officer column is for commissioned Merchants in the Spec Trader Branch. The Development column is for those in the Market Development Branch.

First Term Spec Traders gain one form of personal weapon skill at 0, one small vehicle type skill at 0, and either Engineering-0 or Gunnery-0 for ship skills. A character may enlist in or move between Branches at any time during reenlistment, assuming a second enlistment roll is made to convince the hiring mechanism.

The Speculative Trade process, and related skills:

Learn Local Carouse, Investigate
Find Cargo Admin, Streetwise
Estimate Value Trader
Arrange Funding Liaison, Admin
Buy Broker
Transit Regular Merchant Skills
Sell Broker

The Spec Trader bridges produces and consumers. Dear Aunt Sally may make the best plum jam for three counties but it's a financial drain for her. A Spec Trader finds those first distant markets and sells the product at a 200% mark up. Aunt Sally is rolling in money now that she has a reliable market (the Spec Trader) and she can focus on jams, not trucking and selling to the individual buyer.

Note that many small businesses in-house the Spec Trader functions for greater profits. Often external Spec Traders will build a relationship, legal or personal, to provide income over the course of time. While a successful venture standardizes after some months the first rush can be profitable for everyone concerned.

Market Development involves finding products that have value but no market penetration, or seeing a need and building the team, organization, and support processes to produce, market, and sell the product on a profitable scale. Think "Facebook" and most of the businesses that come up with a gadget, have it built in China, and then sell it in the US.

For both career paths a high Edu is relevant; it provides the millions of data points needed to estimate value and get ahead of the market.

Unsure how to remove the extra lines in the post above the tables, they don't appear in the edit pane.
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