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In the OTU In the Official Traveller Universe. Any milieux that's been published in any edition. Not for discussion of rules except in reference to how they reflect the OTU

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Old December 1st, 2018, 08:49 AM
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CT Supplement 11, Library Data tells us that in "the latter half of the 700's high Imperial figures (the Office of the Emperor and the Intelligence Agency) became convinced that the approximately 60% of the psionics institutes within the region spinward of the Corridor sector were being financed, at least in part, by Zhodani money" (15).

In the Golden Era period, the Argon Gambit adventure specifically mentions an "Imperial Intelligence" on pages 14-18, but provides very little information about the organization. One hook in 76 Patrons states that the patron 'is an agent of the Imperial secret service' (36).
Originally Posted by jscott991 View Post
I should have been very specific on the era. I'm mostly working with the GURPS / 1115 universe (although with a year of 1117 instead of 1120 or 1115).
GURPS Traveller: Nobles describes an Intelligence division within the Ministry of State (p 65), which is probably what most people are thinking when they hear "Imperial Intelligence," that is, an Imperial-scope agency with focus on foreign intelligence. (There's also a nice write-up on the Office of Calendar Compliance on the same page.) GURPS Traveller: Rim of Fire has several references to Imperial Intelligence activities in the Solomani Rim.

GURPS Traveller: First In details the Scout Services's Intelligence Branch.

I'm pretty sure the Ministry of Justice has an investigative arm focused on domestic intelligence, but I can't find the specific reference I'm thinking of. GURPS Traveller: Far Trader mentions that the MoJ "is responsible for enforcing Imperial laws and capturing their violators – including pirates and hijackers. The MoJ collects and analyzes intelligence and conducts undercover operations to identify pirate havens, strongholds, markets and patterns of operation. Individual agents sometimes travel aboard ships they believe are vulnerable to piracy or hijacking" (123).

Far Trader also mentions that the Ministry of Commerce "enforces any trade restrictions placed on a world by the Scout Service in the interest of local culture. It also shares responsibility with both the Ministry of Justice and Naval Intelligence for preventing trade in slaves, weapons of mass destruction and certain kinds of psionic equipment" (5).

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Old December 1st, 2018, 09:07 AM
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Originally Posted by timerover51 View Post
Rule Number One: Do not assume that the various intelligence organizations talk to each other. They probably do not.
This is spot on. The Imperium is probably like a Le Carré fever dream of different agencies competing against each other. And the exact composition will be different in every sector. There are probably areas within the Imperium where Naval Intelligence is dominant (maybe the Marches?) and others where it is almost nonexistent or overshadowed by the Ministry of State intelligence service. The Ministry of Justice might have extensive anti-terrorism operations in the Solomani Rim, trying to hunt down SolSec-backed operations. The MegaCorps will have their own intelligence agencies like Tukera Vermene spying on other MegaCorps and Imperial research facilities, and all trying to evade Ministry of Commerce agents. Most high population worlds probably have intelligence services with at least subsector scope, and in some regions like Daibei noble families might maintain their own house service.

In my own version of 1105 Magyar, both the Imperial Ministry of State's intelligence division and Naval Intelligence are largely ineffective due to a disastrous combination of complacency -- and possibly, SolSec infiltration. Despite pleas from the subsector governments, both agencies have largely ignored reports of Confederation naval build-ups across the border. The Scout Service's Intelligence Branch has largely moved into this vacuum. The Ministry of Justice maintains active counter-intelligence, counter-terrorism, and anti-corruption programs with support from Army Intelligence.

In addition to the Imperial and Solomani agencies there's a formidable Pinkerton-like private security agency that specializes in anti-labor intelligence and dirty tricks. The Dootchen Estates has a brutal secret police force that enforces the caste system.

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Old January 7th, 2019, 05:39 PM
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Don't forget IRIS. I don't know exactly what the canonical status of it is (hopefully none), but it's at least a concept that exists.
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Old January 7th, 2019, 06:28 PM
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Originally Posted by timerover51 View Post
Rule Number One: Do not assume that the various intelligence organizations talk to each other. They probably do not.

Rule Number Two: Do not assume that the accurate information is making it to the top. It probably isn't.

Rule Number Three: The boss' view is always right and accurate, even when it is not.

Rule Number Four: If you disagree with Rule Number Three, you will find yourself auditing the expenditures for the sanitary supply accounts.
Rule Number Five: Each agency will gather information and intelligence only on those things that are important to them. Anything they come across that isn't important to them gets the "circular file."

Rule Number Six: Promotion and retirement are more important than the mission. So, never accept mission creep.
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Old January 7th, 2019, 10:03 PM
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Originally Posted by LeperColony View Post
Don't forget IRIS. I don't know exactly what the canonical status of it is (hopefully none), but it's at least a concept that exists.
IRIS exists in canon. What it isn't is a legit Imperial agency. They are essentially a scam that Lucan fell for.
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