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In My Traveller Universe Detail what parts of Traveller you do (or don't) use in your campaign.

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Old July 27th, 2018, 09:36 PM
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Default PARTISAN - A short adventure series seed

The colony of Sana Franci is a nominally-socialist collective, originally founded to explore a university-staff ideal society model. Unfortunately, it has grown over the century of existence into yet another planet where those who have power and status use it to live comfortably, hoarding technology and resources in order to maintain their position. The upper 5% do not lack for food, property, or opportunity, with an average TL-A existence. The remaining 95% struggle by as they seek to not only keep the colony afloat but also to handle the burden of ever-increasing taxes and levies upon their production - all to support the local "council government." The majority of the planet ekes by at a TL8, with little disposable income or opportunity for advancement or off-world travel. This was the status-quo until six months ago, when a charismatic revolutionary came to notice at one of the far settlements.

Normally this would draw little off-world notice, save for one thing. New analysis reveals that certain fungal growths native to the boreal rainforests of Sana Franci hold amazing anagathic potential. The ruling council views this discovery as theirs to rightfully direct, ensuring all research and proceeds flows to the "proper" beneficiaries. The rebels want to see this wealth, and power as a whole, returned to the people who have struggled to build a new home on this distant planet. And varying corporate interests see opportunities on either side.

Which is where the characters come in...

Your group has been hired (or has volunteered) to help the revolutionary group overthrow the current regime. While outright assassination or coup is out of the question for political and perception reasons, a popular revolt is well within accepted standards. Additionally, no off-world invovlement can be discovered as this would bring unwanted attention to the transition, as well as possibly affect popular support. As such, the group will be provided with weapons and equipment appropriate to the local TL8 elements, so that they will better blend in. Most importantly, there is a time-table - the discovery is bound to become common knowledge by the end of the next quarter, and if the regime has not been replaced things are likely to become a free-for-all.

BLUF - The party must struggle against a numerically and technologically superior force in order to overthrow a government, all without off-world aid or resources.

Random elements or complications:

1 - Corporate interests are financing the characters (and revolutionaries) in hopes of gaining a better deal following the coup.
2 - This is a false flag operation. The characters are intended to infiltrate the revolutionaries so that government forces can identify them and decapitate the movement. Whether some or all of the characters know this is open.
3 - The leader of the revolution is anything but an idealist. He/she intends to estabilish a charismatic dictatorship, and siphon the financial windfalls to their supporters and friends. Additionally, stern revenge measures are already planned against the current regime leaders.
4 - All is as portrayed. The rebellion has growing popular support, and should it succeed the players will help usher in a positive change in the colony as a whole.
5 - The rebellion is far from a unified whole as the characters initially believe. They must determine which group is the appropriate one to back, and keep the others from turning this into an open war.
6 - The anagathic fungas is only a lure - something else is driving the off-world interest in Sana Franci. Is it an Ancient site? Rare metals? Or something else?
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