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Old September 28th, 2014, 10:51 PM
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Default The Foo, Minor Non Humanoid race

The Foo

One of the most exotic and least understood alien species encountered by Humans the Foo are mercurial, easily bored, intensely curious and often frustrating to other species. Assumed to be the source of many pre-contact legends of ghost lights, will-o-wisps and UFOs the Foo are found in small numbers along the fringes of the Imperium.
When young, during their centuries long wandering phase, Foo will occasionally begin accompanying another species, without any rational reason other than curiosity or boredom. observing questioning and investigating the individual or species until it suddenly leaves the region never to be seen again.
A race of silicone based creatures native to an unknown high pressure high temperature environment..Foo resemble a sphere made up of thin translucent discs of crystals with a crystalline central spire . When active Foo create a plasma shell, and intense electromagnetic and gravitic fields around themselves for protection and propulsion.

the Resemblance of this species to mythical phantom glowing object that were first described by pilots during the second world war as "Foo Fighters" led to the adoption of the name to describe the species and has entered common usage even outside Human territory.
Foo are long lived while no exact figures are available recorded instances of a single foo being a generational companion to families of sophantst living on small worlds away from large population center.
This along with the stories of Foo remaining in the same region for centuries indicate the species is capable of living up to 400 years. The Individuals that are responsible for these stories were known to indicate they were only youngsters and their elders had existed many many centuries.

Foo are usually only several inches across with a shell of plasma that can be expanded to roughly the size of a beach ball in flight or to deter attack. The individuals who communicate with other races, and observations by explorer craft indicate foo can grow to truly immense sizes rivaling dreadnoughts and leviathans in size.

Ancient Foo are known to act as vessels, cities and colonies for a multitude of younger foo which act as crew, and auxiliary craft for the "Elders". The Elder Foo are secretive and elusive avoiding contact with other species and living in the most difficult and dangerous regions of Hyperspace.

The Elder "Klatuhl" is recorded as lingering in the outer corona of a white dwarf enduring extreme temperatures and radiation without any viable difficulty. This ancient feeds on the abundant exotic particles and high energy plasma of a white dwarf. Converting the free energy into a form it can use to maintain itself and fuse the materials of the nova into new body mass.

the few Foo encountered have demonstrated a wide variety of personalities behaviors and temperaments. They can be friendly and outgoing, or cold, unfriendly loners... reports that a very few hostile, almost psychotic individual which terrorize other species with their abilities have been confirmed by investigators on several occasions.

Foo are immune to pressures, heat and cold that would instantly kill many organic species, they can freely travel through either normal or jumpspace latched onto the exterior of starships. They have also be observed using their flight abilities to streak effortlessly through almost any environment ,including water at speeds in the Supersonic range. When in flight they are seen executing bone crushing turns and deceleration almost at random.

When threatened Foo canan generate a powerful blast of plasma that can be used offensively or to destroy incoming weapons and projectiles. The average Foo can generate several pulses of plasma that are equivalent to a laser pistol every second for prolonged periods of time. In addition to their plasma bolts Foo can generate blinding light, bursts of Electromagnetic noise, and powerful pulses of gravitic waves, that can cause nausea, disorientation, and loss of consciousness.

defensively Foo produce a strong barrier of gravitic sheering forces that act as a defensive barrier blunting projectile and physical attack. While their thick shell of plasma protects them from directed energy attacks. Their only significant weakness appears to be powerful electrical charges, and electromagnetic pulses which can stun, blind, and occasionally kill Foo if they are unable to avoid the effect by fleeing rapidly from the scene.

Little is known about Foo society, or culture, and the Foo do not seem to be willing to discuss it. They quickly become bored with in depth questioning and tend to randomly spout trivia and odd observations when they become bored.
Lifetimes of exploring too satisfy their driving curiousity has led to the average Foo having a huge database of "trivia" that often turn out to be more than trivial to scientist historians. Anyone any one who can endure hours of chatter can glean some piece of data from the unfiltered stream of random comments, stories, and questions of an overactive Foo.
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