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Contact! Submit your favorite original Minor Alien Races for others to use in their own Traveller campaigns.

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Old August 30th, 2014, 11:27 AM
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Default Aslan Companions

for the most part Aslan professions are interrelated providing both the required male and female workers in the work place of parallel services working in the same environment, but there are a select few notable callings where gender segregation raises some socially taboos that are quietly excepted in deference to reality, other times those working in those professions attract or enlist members of the other gender so they don't have to cross the taboo lines, when they fill mutiple roles, have no past titles to fall back on or a defined title for there current role they are called Eker'ran'ta a word that has no literal translation but roughly translates as "Companion", they are normally family members of the appropriate gender or rarer prospective mates who work alongside the primary preforming tasks and holding knowledge that would be inappropriate for the Primary, the most common professions to attract "Companions" are the Wanderer, Prospector and the Envoy.

The Ihatei going forth on the grate colony ships gather around them Aslan of both genders and merger prospects to join them on there endeavour, from them they can find experienced navigators, technicians and medics, but those explorers, couriers and other wanderers who set out in a Hraye to serve there clans and seek out new lands often have to make do on there own, if they are too prideful or technically inept to upkeep their ship they enlist a female outcast,female family member or a betrothed to see to the "Female" jobs that need doing, outcasts get to rise above their low station and rejoin Aslan society, family learn skills that will benefit them when they join the Ihatei fleets and the betrothed discover their future mates and wright them selves in to their new families epic from it's genesis.

The Kteiroa class prospecting ships need more than Geologists, Engineers and Navigators to be successful, they also need pilots, gunners and dumb muscle, wile the third can be found at the fringes of Aslan society the former two are often recruited from those with blood or marriage ties to the primary stakeholder, being Eker'ran'ta to a Belter is more favrable than what awaits them if they fail to enlist in or can no longer serve in the Space forces, with time, hard work and skill they may even be alowed to carry the title of "Capitan" even if it is only of a mining vessel.

Ktiyhui Courier ships favoured by low and mid level envoys do not lend themselves to large entourages of Wives, Servants, Bodyguards and diplomatic staffs on top of the crew, by becoming Eker'ran'ta the females of the crew if they are retainers can elevate their station by attracting the attentions of the Envoys seconds, if family members and serving as the envoys staff they can travel the courts of other clans and find mates of standing.

Tables to follow.
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