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Old March 11th, 2013, 11:41 PM
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Default Speaking Ral Rantha

The Ral Ranthan language (This goes with the alphabet in cuniform I put in the art section and its derived from Urgantic not Hittite... Why reinvent the wheel?)

In my Traveller universe the Ral Ranthans of the Hinterworlds sector are made out as a cross between Klingons / Mongols and the Mafia or Mob. Their “Empire” is a violent criminal one that provides spies, assassins, mercenaries, and other assorted quasi-legal and illegal services to anyone willing to pay them. They maintain their independence through threats of releasing these criminal agents on anyone who dares interfere with their operations.
As such, I made their language out to be a reflection of their society. It is guttural, abrupt, and laced with insults, profanity, and violence.
This is not an attempt to produce a true linguistic version of the language but rather a working one that can be used within the game for color. What follows are some general rules for its use along with a word list.
Ral Ranthan is primarily a face to face language. It can be used written or in communications via things like radio but it loses some of its meaning when it is if the person communicating does not add in additional terms to explain their thoughts.
The subject of a sentence or conversation is usually implied rather than specifically put into speech. Plural and singular are implied when it should be obvious to the listener. Threats are commonly put in to show the degree of emphasis the speaker means or intends. That is, if you told someone to do something you would include a threat to show your emphasis.

The phrase in English “Get to work!” The parenthetical items are implied not spoken
In English: Ral Ranthan
(Do your) work or else! Isk vä daha! Mild emphasis
(Do your) work or (get) beaten! Isk vä döymäk! Some emphasis
(Do your) work or die! Isk vä ölüm! Emphatic

Now, in English these might be said as:
Get to work!
Get to work now!
Get to work or you’re fired!
Another common usage of emphasis is to repeat the word.
Yeni = Fresh
Yeni yeni! = Very fresh, the freshest.
Verbs are optional in speech when they can be inferred or implied by the speaker and understood that way by the listener. There is no real need for a noun - verb agreement in most speech the relationship is often implied instead.
In face to face speech gestures, always done with the palm flat and all fingers extended (using a single finger or just two fingers is considered a demeaning insult) can substitute for verbs or words as well.

English: That’s incredible!
Ral Ranthan: (clap hands or throw them up in air) Calalli!
English: Hand me that blade (as an order).
Ral Ranthan: (gesturing with hand) Aqiz vä döymäk!
Some words are gender specific and most referring to individual people are that way. The default for neuter objects is male when this is necessary for such an item.
English: You
Ral Ranthan: (male) Sin (female) Siz
English: I / me
Ral Ranthan: (male) män (female) mäz
English: His / hers / its
Ral Ranthan: (male) onun (female) onuz (neuter = its) onun
English: Him / her
Ral Ranthan: (male) ona (female) oza
Plurals are not normally used. This is implied and the word is the same as the singular version.
English: I have two brothers
Ral Ranthan: (tap chest) iki qardasc
I have is implied in the gesture and the plural is implied by the number given.
Pleasantries are rarely used in Ral Ranthan. One never says please or thank you for examples. Threats used can be real as corporal punishment is very common for any infraction of social rules or for even minor disobedience. Common speech will be filled with threats, insults, and orders growled or barked by the speaker(s).

Typical greetings and pleasantries (such as they exist):
Salamat! Be well!, Be victorious! Answered in kind usually.

(Gesture with hand at other person) Yox ölüm?! (You’re) not dead?!
Appropriate responses might be:
Ilk öldümäk! (I’ll) kill (them) first! (whether this is true or not is irrelevant)
Csaliscmäk! Alt. Säy etmäk! Try (it)! You can try if you like!
(hand gesture) Sin?! You?! This is a humorous answer meaning something like “I’m surprised you aren’t dead!”

When departing:
Dädäbaba gömäk (May your) ancestor(s) watch (over you). Note: Most Ral Ranthan have a deep reverence for their ancestors.
Düscmän diz / äsmäk / csömelmäk! (May your) enemy(s) kneel / tremble / cower
Scanli ölümäk! (To a or your) glorious death! Implies you will be remembered. Also used commonly as a toast.

There is no use of contractions like in English speech or writing. Punctuation is nearly non-existent in written Ral Ranthan.

A word list in a day or two.

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