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In the OTU In the Official Traveller Universe. Any milieux that's been published in any edition. Not for discussion of rules except in reference to how they reflect the OTU

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Old December 2nd, 2019, 06:33 AM
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I've long had multiple variants of "anti-aging medical options" available.

I include those found in the following Sci-Fi authors' universes:

Elizabeth Moon: Familias Regnant universe
And what would happen to society if our Cult of Youth Eternal got help from Medicine, with the advent of rejuvenation drugs?
Certainly, rejuv is not the only theme but the exploration of our preoccupation with youth and the hunt for youth eternal is the main thread, and the series offers a close up examination of the consequences that follow.
The later books in the series explore the economic, social, and political ramifications of the building backlog of "heirs" with no prospect of replacing their elders for decades, if not possibly centuries (Rejuv is a relatively recent development - only around for ~40-50 years or so at the start of the series, if I remember correctly.

Rejuv is an expensive and intensive medical procedure, involving administration of multiple doses of several specialized drugs in a clinical setting over a period of time (a few months is implied).
This "resets" the body, basically rewinding it to a physical state of ~20 years old (or older, if the recipient wishes - some politicians prefer to retain a "mature" appearance, to indicate their accumulated "wisdom").
The recipient then ages normally, until the next time the individual's whim/finances see another round of Rejuv being undertaken.
It is stated that some wealthy people get Rejuv every decade or so, simply to avoid "looking old".
Unless a bad batch of drugs turns up (a significant plot-point in several of the novels) it is implied that there should be no limit to how many times one can be "Rejuved".

David Weber: Honorverse.
Prolong is the tech here - a genetic treatment done in adulthood (1st gen Prolong), and in kids (2nd-gen Prolong), that slows down your aging process, roughly doubling (if I remember correctly) your life-span after receiving the treatment. That part is important, as we see below.

1st-gen maybe gives you 50% or a bit more longer life, but all of that extra is after you are already an adult. You are "doubling" only 50%-70% of your life-span.
2nd-gen, as it starts much earlier in your development, slows your physical growth into an adult as well (mental development seems to not be slowed as much, whether this means that the mind will continue to age faster than the body is never addressed) - which means that those years are also doubled (or more than doubled, as is sometimes implied).
There were hints that it might be even more effective, in the not-yet-administered 3rd-gen (at least the books don't mention any 3rd-gen recipients, that I've run across).

Note that the "prolong generation" is referring to more than just the tech side (first-developed, refined and improved, etc) - it is also referring to whether you are the first in your immediate bloodline to receive the treatment.
With no recipients among your biological parents, you must wait until your body has stabilized in adulthood before receiving treatment.
If your parents (at least one, preferably both) received the treatment before conceiving you, then you can receive treatment before puberty!

Note that both of these are more-costly and more-involved than simply retiring to your stateroom to shoot up a batch of anagathics (usually derived from some alien plant or animal in Sci-Fi - see Stroon in Norstrilia by Cordwainer Smith) you bought on the black market.
Therefore, they remained basically plot-hooks of the theoretical kind in the games I've run, rather than being used by any PCs.
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Old December 2nd, 2019, 06:49 AM
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Depends on how you define the Fountain of Youth, physical integrity, or preservation of the spark that makes us unique, the consciousness, and the ability to transfer it to another medium or physical body.
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