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Old March 29th, 2018, 03:51 PM
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Default Adventure Seed; Black Nova

Year 1105, 177th Day

Solomani Rim [Sector]
Vega subsector
Hsuarrdzan system (hex 2213)
Asteroid Facility; possibly deep inside a worldlette

As Solomani traders in rare products brought forth to the Imperium, you are looked on with both suspicion, respect, fear and even a good deal of awe and perhaps jealousy. Entrepreneurialism, although introduced after Earth had essentially conquered all of Sylean Space, for some reason is still not fully embraced and practiced by huge swaths of the Vilani or their subject races. Vegans included.

And there are an awful lot of Vegans here. In fact, you are nearly the only humans around save for a smattering of other traders or merchant captains here either as directed by the company, or looking to make a killing with rare alloys or other items related to the smelting and melding of ores rare and precious.

But you’re here more as a brief interlude of R&R after having travailed and traveled Imperial occupied Terran space. Or so you call it, even though Imperial forces have been here for a few centuries. Terran pride runs deep, or so the saying goes among the Vilani, and no matter how much paperwork you show, no matter how clean your logs, you are looked on with a certain regard; positive and negative, which might be seen more as a compliment than anything else.

As for your Vegan hosts; you are here to spend money, and they welcome you in that vein. You mind your business, they mind theirs’, and you both get along fine—especially since you are in the “human” designated area, which is slightly warmer and better lit than most of the Vegan architecture and Vegan oriented interior spaces, which would require you to wear warm clothing for a time.
But there is tension.

Vegan society still must kowtow to Imperial rule, and even though Vegan history is a bit warmer with Terran influence and society, there is still the geopolitic of who owns what stretches of space, and is willing to back it up with fleets of warships.

As tempestuous as this sounds, it’s more rhetoric than anything else. Though, on occasion, intrigue pops its head here and there.

So it is that a well known Imperial biochemist approaches you and your crew looking for passage to Solomani space. Said individual is in disguise, but your personal computers identify him as Grace Falkener, a bio-designer who has done various media shows, talks and otherwise been a public spokesman for education, and for lifting the Imperial embargo on self rule and tech-limitations in various regions of the Imperium.

You don’t react, but it’s up to you and your crew or fellow adventurers as to whether you want to accept his offer or not.

He offers considerable payment (twice high passage, and will go higher if pushed by a players with brokerage or other like skill).

Are the Adventurers interested?


Grace Falkener has been recently and secretly classified as a dissident for revealing a secret biochemical weapons’ program funded and operated by the Imperial Navy. Said weapons’ research horrid secret is that a segment of the navy is seeking weapons that attack only certain molecular strains, thus making a weapon that can attack one race but leave another harmless. You begin to wonder why he is in Vegan space.

The party is eyed by various other local humans. As the players earn glances, they are secretly classified as a threat, and as enemy aliens. They will be hounded until they reach safe space. Vegan space is relatively safe as a “no fire” zone, but once the players venture into Imperial space, it’s no holds barred.

But there is yet more intrigue. There are several admirals, lords and even marshals that are vying to get their hands on Grace. Grace himself doesn’t have any data that isn’t already recorded somewhere, but he has a higher degree of understanding than any of the other researchers, including the AI used to create such monstrous weapons.

Even the Emperor’s own are out seeking Grace, but not to detain him for torture nor ransom, but to make sure he is safe. For only he has the understanding to the bacillus that could wipe out entire populations; code named "Black Nova".
Sir Ghost, Knight of Imperial occupied Terra, Sol.
Travels with Blue Ghost; musings of a knight of the Imperium.
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