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Old August 1st, 2011, 11:09 AM
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Default Vilani translation - letters of marque

Here's my assignment. I'm not sure I'm looking forward to it, but I want to do it nonetheless. I might just put it in Khal and get it over with, buuuut if I'm going to do it I suppose I ought to at least try to get it "right". Well, as right as a Solomani scum can.

Para 1.
The Owner and Master of the Ship called ________ has Applied to me for an Authority to cruise against all His Imperial Majesty's Enemies & having received his Imperial Majesty's Commands to encourage all His Imperial Majesty's Subjects by every means in their power to distress and annoy the Trade of all His Imperial Majesty's Enemies, the said Ship having been duly Registered in His Imperial Majesty's Naval Registry as an Auxiliary Vessel.
Para 2.
I do by virtue of the Power & Authority to me given conformable to His Imperial Majesty's pleasure expressed to me by the Right Honorable and Most Noble [His] Grace the Duke [Aledon Aella Norris] of [Regina], Authorize and Empower the said warrant bearer in and with the said Ship to cruise against all His Imperial Majesty's Enemies, and am fully authorized to assure him & all others involved in said private Ship of War, that His Imperial Majesty will consider him & them as fully Entitled to having a just claim to all vessels & property of every kind which he or they shall make prize of from all or any of His Imperial Majesty's Enemies, provided the same shall have been first condemned as Lawful prize to His Imperial Majesty In His Imperial Majesty's High Court of Admiralty or in some of His Imperial Majesty's Courts of Vice Admiralty having lawful authority to take
Cognizance of the same.
Para 3.
Furthermore, this warrant entitles the said bearer to equip the said Ship with arms and defenses, [] including [X] excluding space-based nuclear weapons of yields up to 50 kilotons, in order to carry out this purpose. The said bearer is also entitled to apply for whatever assistance, whether monetary or not, that His Imperial Majesty, or one of his delegated vassals, shall deem fit to provide, from time to time. If the warrant holder attacks and seizes goods and/or citizens of a planet, empire, confederation, federation, or other such sovereign nationality that is not named as a current enemy of the [Third Imperium], they will be treated as though they had attacked an [Imperial] citizen, and will be subject to the full consequences of Imperial Law. The aforesaid enemies of the [Third Imperium] will be in addition to those identified in separate Imperial proclamations, issued by His Imperial Majesty or one of his delegated vassals.
Whew, this is going to be tough.
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