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In My Traveller Universe Detail what parts of Traveller you do (or don't) use in your campaign.

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Old June 15th, 2004, 11:35 PM
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Glen Allen Mcinnes Citizen

After the Final JTNS-NS showed up in in chalange I was all abuzz waiting for TNE what little I saw over the next few months leading up to the relasae of TNE made me even more exicited I Loved "Survival Margin" but thought that things could have gone a seprate way as well.

I was asking my self, What if their was no Virus?, their would still be a broken and faling empire out there full of hert but also adventure and hope. first I neaded a winner to the rebelion but this was to partisian and created one grate leader/hero and that I didn't want, so I dicided to create an aliance of Non-Lossers to stand as figure heads in the strugle to a New Era of prosparty. the game would be brave Scouts and Merchants going fword and breathing new life in to a dieing civiliasion. but who? Norris of cause the stalwart defender of the old status-qow and Gaurdian of the Imperial Heir(s?). Margrate the (now tainted) last grate humantarian of the High Nobility. and on reading "Survival Margin" for the umpteanth time Strephon the focial point and ligitismy giver to the whole endeaver (also the man who has growen to be the emperior that the imperium now needs humbled by the vast task before him) and a surporting player (in the grand scheam) in Craig (for whome grate things await). laking singlure defenate vilians in the grand scheam the task would be all the harder for the leaders with no one person to point to as the "bad guy" their would be only minor or local vilians to be brought to justice i had nilly 70 years of history planed out to alow for verous eras in the rebulding befor the rebellion would see it's winners! the people of the now rebuilt third imperium safe for centuryies to come from gread and arivace in high places.

The verous setings come to over a hunderad pages of hand writen scrawl acumlated over a decade and a half. a uinerverce waiting to see players breath life in to it as their characters would a dieing relm.
Please excuse my Dyslexic atempts at typing, and please respect my interlectual property as I try to respect yours.
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