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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old March 6th, 2003, 05:54 PM
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Taking a couple of facts and adding an idea or three that came to me I have come up with the following:

Firstly the facts.

1 the 80/20 rule of jump fuel use, a ship only needs to take with it 20% of the jump fuel for use in the week of travel.
2. Drop tanks demonstrate that physical objects in contact with a ship can detach after offloading the 80% jump fuel used in the jump.
3. Xboats

Next a conclusion.
1. Astrogators can plot a jump without being on the ship they are plotting for so long as Imperial crew regs are met.

Firstly the jump station. A megaton range platform just over the jump limit. A few 100,000 tons of fuel, an extensive cargo handling and warehousing array. Hangers for a fleet of big fuel skimming boats, a very large power plant and one or more astrogators so good that they can easily plot jumps in safety allowing for the penalty of drop tank type interferance in the jump feild.

The jump pods are large (1000 - 100000) ton barges with a high jump drive, J4 to J6, a power plant to run this drive in jump and the 20% of "in flight" fuel.

The pod is conected to the jump station via power and fuel cables. Its jump capacitors are charged by the station which has a large enough power plant to do this in one go, the fuel to create the jump bubble is fed out and the jump is started. The cables are ejected out of the field and the ship jumps using a plot provided by the high skill astrogator on the station so no misjump chance.
At the destination the pods either move to another jump station or if xboat types are picked up by a pod tug. They off load/onload and then move out to a safe distance from the station to be cabled up for the next jump.

A 10000 dton pod with a J6 and 20% fuel is going to be able to carry 7000+ dtons of cargo 6 parsecs. A jump 4 unit to follow the xboat routes can carry 8000+ dtons.

Helps shift a bit of cargo round the Imperium a bit faster [img]smile.gif[/img]
Captain Jonah.
Currently between ships due to a being slightly behind with payments and having my ship stolen by a bunch of thieving adventurers!
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