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In My 2300 Universe Discussion of non-canon ideas for use in your 2300 Universe

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Old July 6th, 2007, 04:29 PM
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Default Changes done and coming

In my 2320AD universe I will do the following changes:

+ Downplay the thieving hill tribes and their importance. My view on Bavaria is that of a leech that sucked on France and the other German nations and when the time came to decide played the wrong card and payed for it. Badly, i.e they are still re-building Munic. Also quite a few technological developments get de-Bavarianised in the process

+ Freihaven may have gotten away due to French meddeling but Neubayern, Heidelsheimat and Adlerhorst where finaly persuaded to stay/become German. Planetary Control Cruisers showing up over your homeworld shortly after Lutke finished of some Kafers have a high persuasion value. A few strategically placed kinetic harpoons did the rest. Naturally the colonies are NOT heavy about it

+ The Colonie 2 system was declared "hands off, colonial scumbags" by the German government when Freihaven stretched out it's greedy hands. Naturally those Bavarian-related colonists won't take a polite "go away" for a final answer and conflict is brewing

+ The Vatican has starships. Including Papal-1, the most-used non warship of humanity

+ Missiles don't use Tantalium coils so they can be used a lot. The coils have very short durations and basically need to be re-cast after use making them useless for cargo ships

+ Bayern(ARI) get's re-named to Humbold, Bayern(BSN) gets scrapped
+ Germany currently has a weak government of Foundation-Influenced Anti-Nationals and self/planetary centered weaklings. The Governemnt does it's best to throw away all gains made as fast as possibel. But inside Germany there is a growing counter-movement, supported by the armed forces. Time to change the government (and government type) is coming soon.

+ No Ukranians and Texans in Space. Ukraine get's replaced by the (New)UdSSR. I want my Kommies im Weltall to counter the Amis and sprout Marxist-Leninist Propaganda. Texas is part of the USA, the Texan colony is handed to Italy.

+ Italy in space. A human-centric universe simply is not right without an undershirt and cap wearing skipper with a bad accent using hands and feet to stress that he is no smuggler, no sir

+ Clisches hammed up. Frenchies are arrogant, Brits get stiff lips, Amis are bumbling country boys, Germans have a favor for heel-clicking and monocles, Russians quote Marx and Lenin before Breakfast, Japanese are a mix between Shogun and Black Rain...
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