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Old December 5th, 2018, 01:33 PM
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Default Twilight Sector... surprisingly awesome supplements

I picked up a Twilight Sector Bundle for cheap on DTRPG. Having read through it, I can see why it was discontinued but the Career Book and hints of future supplements are pure gold. I was wondering if anything came of the future supplements (Mutants & AI, Mistress of the Belt).

The setting is a disaster and never once-fleshed out. There must be a setting book out there somewhere but apparently it was never made. I can easily see that being the source of its demise.

But the Career Book is packed with awesomeness! From new Injury Charts (including Psychological), excellent Civilian Careers, amazing new Life Events and Career Event Tables. The expansion of Shares and how to use them alone is useable in just about any setting.

And the concept of Primary/Secondary Training packages... This book is pure gold.

The reference to Mistress of the Belts (business/trade book) and Mutants & AI's as supplements has me really wondering if these books made it out of crib notes. I'm interested in their approach to Uplifts and AI's since they are clearly an integral part of the setting especially AI's.

But the promise of business procedures and new concepts in Mistress of the Belt also sings a promise of awesomeness.

Any news on Twilight Sector and any future products or fan releases? I think the last published product was 2010 so I doubt it but always hopeful.

For anyone who hasn't looked into it, definitely take a look at the Career Book as it has changed my approach to chargen in a major way. Like I said, pure gold. The whole bundle is cheap on DTRPG (or was).
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Old December 6th, 2018, 12:21 AM
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I just download the entire bundle from there for free because I have a few of their PDFs already. I'll have to give the books a look-through. Thanks.
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Old February 25th, 2019, 05:12 AM
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What i found annoying, after reading their books, is that not only did they never put out any real setting books, beyond that magic planet, they also never put out any ship books on anything beyond that one starliner.

For example, they never give info on those massive dreadnoughts that were called "cities in space." They also never mentioned any real differences in ship technology beyond the Superluminal Drive (which seemed to act like a warp drive mechanically).

Hell there was no info on what trading is like in the setting, especially with FTL comms available.

I would have loved seeing what fluff differences there might be for ship technology in the setting, compared to the 3I setting most are familiar with, such as different names for say armor material or different tech for defences. To me, that was what made say the Superluminal Drive interesting, because it wasn't just the same old Traveller jump drive.

Another annoying thing was the tendency to misuse "sector" and "subsector." Because the "Twilight Sector" was actually a Subsector IIRC.
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