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Play by Post - OOC For Out of Character (OOC) discussion of the in-character threads.

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Old December 7th, 2009, 06:03 PM
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Default Solo game teaser

Solo Game
Welcome to ‘Friends to the end’. This is not a PbP (play by post) game. I plan for this to be a solo ‘click through’ game. There will be no posting in the In Character thread by players. At the end of each of my posts, you will be given multiple choices to select from. Clicking on your selection takes you to the next post for your story. Sometimes the results of skill rolls or what equipment you have can determine which of the choices should be selected.
Character Creation
This game was designed with MGT in mind, which uses 2d6 characteristics. CT characters should be fairly compatible. I’m not familiar with other versions of traveler and how compatible they will be.
You have just been processed. The only possessions you currently have are miscellaneous items, such as cloths and toiletries, and what you muster out with. Everything except for a credit stick is stored in a star port locker.
If you muster out with any vehicles, they are currently in the shop for a major overhaul and will not be available.
You have a long-standing account with Star Port Banking but the current balance is zero. You possess a digital voucher for any funds you muster out with.
The variety of weapons will be very restricted since it is too hard to account for every type in a pre written adventure. You must have obtained the weapon at some point during your career to muster out with it (must have skill in using a weapon). Weapons available:

Edged Weapons:
- Dagger 1d6+2 damage, possibly concealed
- Cutlass 2d6+4 damage, can not be concealed
Blunt Weapons:
- Baton (club) 2d6 damage, can not be concealed
- Collapsible Baton 2d6-2 damage, possibly concealed
- Pistol 3d6-3 damage, possibly concealed, 11 rounds
- Shotgun 4d6 damage, not concealable, 6 rounds
- ACR 3d6 damage, not concealable, 20 rounds

You have a typical sheath or holster for your weapon, if applicable. You would have a secure carrying case for guns and the cutlass. You only have one magazine for any gun you muster out with. You are not given any ammunition.
The variety of armor will also be restricted since it is too hard to account for every type in a pre written adventure.
You are limited to:
Cloth - protection 3, possibly concealed by outer clothing
Vacc Suit – protection 6, 12kg
Combat Armor – protection 12, 10kg
Armor and Weapons
Armor and weapons are not equipped with any options at the time you muster out. At muster, your armor is stored in a spaceport locker.
Other Equipment
Sorry, no combat implants or augmentations. You may choose a weapon or armor instead – but you may not increase a skill level.

TAS memberships are allowed but you currently have no passages available.

Other equipment is stored in a star port locker and is not typically carried.
Fatigue, Encumbrance
It should be obvious that certain items would not be carried around everywhere. It will be up to you to decide what your character can carry and make sure they are not overburdened.
Document your character
It will be up to you to document your possessions and money as the game moves along. Keep track of what your character is carrying and if any items are concealed. Keep track of where items are stored. When you take damage, and as you heal, you will have to keep track of it.

You will also have to keep track of ammo and if you run out, act accordingly.
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