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Bestiary Submit your favorite original creatures for others to use in their own Traveller campaigns.

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Old May 8th, 2017, 02:08 PM
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Default Space Whale Adventure, or not.

I see there isn't a spot for adventures so I might send this to Freelance Trav when it is finished but I have an adventure for Space Whales that might be kinda fun.

There is a thread on here about my version of the beasties so you can look that up for a sort of preview of what this all might entail. I've elaborated a bit IMTU on the whales so I will incorporate that info into the package. This can be run in any format of Traveller I'm sure, since I don't have any stats in the data that has to be locked into one rule set over another. As far as the Who/Why component of the adventure, all anyone needs do is plug in the appropriate Who/Why when it comes up as fits within the lore of their own campaign universe. You'll know it when you see it.

Anyway, a brief outline to tantalize and entice:

There are two known Space Whales within known space. One is a gigantic asteroid eater that currently lives (if the word applies) in an especially dense asteroid field. This one is being studied by scientists who have even established a base camp on the beast where they, among other things, are drilling into it for core samples and to study the animal's life systems.

The other whale is following a rare comet cluster on a vast orbital path waaay out in empty space. When it has, in various times in the past, gotten close enough to a gravity well to at least make an index point Jump near to it, scientists have attached various monitoring systems to send data back for study. This whale is considerably larger than the first, as well as looking different. It's life systems are apparently the same and are fueled by the debris coming off the cluster of several large comets that the whale follows.

The science teams know the two whales as "Moby" (the comet follower) and "Dick" (asteroid eater), and these are the only two such creatures ever found.

However.....a new signal has been found that seems to be another whale. Through triangulation with the two known whales the source has been traced and it seems the three whales are in communication. Why? And will the new signal lead to the answers involving the source of these beasts? Are they natural or made by someone?

An expedition needs to be made to the third source and find out.

Sound like anything anyone would wanna play in?
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