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Bestiary Submit your favorite original creatures for others to use in their own Traveller campaigns.

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Old July 10th, 2017, 10:07 PM
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Default Smeerp/Rabbit


Terrain Type: Forest, Prairie
Animal Type: Herbivore/Grazer
Quantity: 1D
Mass: 2kg (Adult)
Hits: 2/2
Armor: None
Wounds: 2/2
Weapons: Teeth/Claws
To Attack: 8+
To Flee: If Possible
Speed: 2

It seems that most temperate Garden worlds will eventually develop an ecological niche befitting a small, four-footed, burrowing mammal that reproduces rapidly and provides a challenge for Carnivore/Chasers and Carnivore/Pouncers seeking a quick meal. Thus, any rabbit-like species that did not originate with any similar Terran species is referred to as a "Smeerp" (for reasons more literary than scientific).

For all intents and purposes, Smeerp/Rabbits are indistinguishable from Terran Rabbits, with one significant exception: The DNA from any one species is incompatible with all the others. This difference is so significant, that members of one species will perceive members of another species as neither threat nor potential mating material. Thus, Smeerps/Rabbits from a variety of worlds can be kept and raised in the same environment, and not interbreed with Smeerp/Rabbits from other worlds.

Somewhere in Terra's dim and distant past, it was realized that coming up with a unique name for any of a variety long-eared, short-tailed, burrowing mammals resembling members of the family Leporidae Terrestriea (such as the commonly domesticated species Oryctolagus Cuniculus, native to Europe and widely introduced elsewhere, or the "Cottontail" of the Americas) would be tedious, at best. Thus, it was decided that if it looks like a rabbit, hops like a rabbit, runs like a rabbit, reproduces as fast as a rabbit, and even tastes like a rabbit, then you had best call the creature a "Rabbit" and be done with it.

But yet, the "Smeerp" moniker carries on, despite the best efforts of lexicographers to eradicate it (the word, not the creature).

On most worlds where Smeerps/Rabbits can be found, they have been domesticated and bred for their fur and meat, although neutered individuals have been kept for pets. In the wild, these creatures are timid, and will be more likely to run and hide from perceived threats in their intricate, meters-deep burrows.
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rabbit, smeerp, turkey city

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