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Adventurers Tell us your Traveller character stats, skills, and details.

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Old January 9th, 2021, 01:41 AM
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Default Character Creation Challenge 8 of 31

Captain Sir Allard Takeuchi 5866AB Age 38
5 Terms Army Cr25,000
Advanced Combat Rifle-2, Admin-1, Computer-1, Demolitions-1, Grav Vehicle-2, Instruction-1, Leader-1, Medical-1, Recon-2, Tactics-1, Vacc Suit-2, VRF Gauss-1
Advanced Combat Rifle, High Passage, Middle Passage Pension Cr4,000
Medal for Conspicuous Gallantry, two Purple Hearts, 2 Combat Command Ribbons, 4 Combat Ribbons

A native of Mertactor/District 268, he is spent twenty years in the planetary defense force, initially enlisting at the age of 18 as an infantryman. His first tour was largely spent in training or garrison roles, where he was trained in personal and heavy weapons, and in the use of vacuum gear, and reached the rank of Corporal. He re-enlisted, and was selected for Officer Candidate School, where he was trained for mechanized operations, emergency medical support, and small unit tactics. As a junior officer, he served in Internal security, training, and counter insurgency operations. Selected for retention, he served more in Counter insurgency operations, raids, and more internal security, and made First Lieutenant while earning his first Combat Command Ribbon and a MCG. Finding it to his continued liking, he followed his unit into a training cycle, before getting picked up as a staff officer in another offensive operation, where he was promoted to Captain. After that, he was assigned to the Staff College, followed by another COIN tour, where he was leading a company. That experience found him still relevant to the Army, and at 16 years, ready for more. The next term, following a garrison snooze-fest, he was picked up for commando training, then assignment at the Infantry School as a Recon instructor. Seeking to possibly transfer over to the Special Operations Brigade, he was found unable to continue as an officer, and medically retired. Still on Mertactor, he's got a couple of passages he could use, but is looking to hire on as a security consultant for those headed into District 268, or out into the Trojan Reach.
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tc+ ?23 mgt+ !tm t20- !t4 !t5 !t6(LBB) tp- tg+ ?th ?to ru ge 3i c jt-- au- ls pi+ ta he+ kk++ hi+ as- va- dr ith+ vr ne so+ zh vi+ da sy
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Old January 10th, 2021, 11:05 AM
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Default Character Creation Challenge 9 of 31

Uthkaengir (Uth-kinge-ir) is an Imperial citizen, born to a family of Vargr refugees from the Extents who has lived in the Imperium her entire life. She grew up speaking Gvegh, but learned Anglic as a pup. After completing her education, she joined the Scout service, where her curiosity and xenophilia made her a natural fit. She spent twelve years in the Imperial Grand Survey in roles including ship's pilot, engineer, and survey assistant. Her scientific expertise was in terrestrial worlds, and their ecology, along with some geological and botanical studies. Now, she's ready to see more than just the backwater sites that need examination, and a little tired of the Vargr jokes, so she's ready for life on her own.

Uthkaengir (150 Points)
Female Vargr, fawn coat, brown eyes
5'9", 135 pounds
ST 10 [0] DX 13 [30] IQ 13 [30] HT 11 [10]
Speed 6.0, Move 6
Dodge 6
Advantages: Acute Taste/Smell +3 [6], Acute Vision +1 [2], Alertness +1 [5], Claws (+2 Damage) [15], Danger Sense [15], Enhanced Move 1 (Doubles, but fatuige stats in 5 Sec) [7], Fur (DR1, keeps warm) [4], Ship Patron (Sulieman-class scout/courier) [24], Teeth (1d-1 bite) [5], Versatile [5]
Disadvantages: Cannot Kick [-5], Chummy -5, Curious [-5], Duty (reactivation 9 or less) [-5], Easy to Read [-10], Impulsiveness[-10], Proud [-1], Reduced Fatigue (-1) [-3], Reduced Hitpoints -1 [-5], Reputation -2 (Chaotic and Easily swayed) [-10], Stubbornness [-5], Xenophelia [-5]
Skills: Administration-12 [1], Area Knowledge(Galaxy)-13 [4], Area Knowledge (Spinward Marches)-13 [1], Astrogation-13 [2], Astronomy-1 [1], Botany-11 [1], Cartography-13 [2], Carousing-11 [2], Computer Operation-12 [.5], Ecology-12 (2), Electronics Operation (Comms)-12 [1], Electronics Operation (Sensors)-13 [2], Engineer (Vehicles)-12 [2], First Aid-13 [1], Free Fall-14 [4], Geology-11 [1], Guns (Pistols)-15 [1]*, Gunner (Laser)-12 [1], Intelligence Analysis-11 [1], Leadership-12 [1], Mechanic (J-drive)-12 [1], Mechanic (M-drive)-12 [1], Mechanic (Power Plant)-12 [1], Mechanic (Starship)-12 [1], Navigation-11 [1], Planetology (Terrestrial Worlds)-12 [1], Photography-12 [1], Piloting (Starship)-15 [8], Piloting (Contragravity)-13 [2], Savoir-Faire-13 [1], Shipbuilding (Starship)-12 [1], Shipmaster-13 [2], Survival (Desert)-12 [1], Survival (Hostile Environment)-11 (.5), Survival (Jungle)-12 [1], Survival (Temperate)-12 [1], Tactics (Space)-11, Vacc Suit-12 [1]
Languages: Anglic-13 [2], Gvegh-13 (Native), Zhodani-12 [1]

*Includes +2 for IQ
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tc+ ?23 mgt+ !tm t20- !t4 !t5 !t6(LBB) tp- tg+ ?th ?to ru ge 3i c jt-- au- ls pi+ ta he+ kk++ hi+ as- va- dr ith+ vr ne so+ zh vi+ da sy
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Old January 12th, 2021, 11:56 AM
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Kara Sonez 983967 Age 40
Scout (2 1/2 terms) Drifter (3 terms) Cr45,000
Bribery-2, Gambling-1, Pilot-1, Comms-1, Streetwise-1, Gunnery-0, Electronics-0, Recon-0
Pistol, Low Passage

Born on Aberlocht as a station baby, Kara grew up on station, learning the basic safety protocols and how to access the system for her education. At 18, not knowing what to do, she entered into the Imperial Scout Service, wanting to see more than just the station walls for the rest of her life. Travelling via a tramp freighter to Kaurga, she was accepted into the Scouts. Her first term she plied the nearby by stars in the ISS Close Encounter in training and courier duty, picking up a variety of basic Scouting skills along the way. She reads a great deal in her down time, honing her intelligence on those long jumps. Her next term, planetside she picks up some basic fighting skills - bar fights and Scouts go hand in hand. She starts to specialize in communications. Her third term, while she was honorably discharged, she had to fight for that with a lengthy legal process. The next several years she drifted about, learning to grease palms and getting stronger living out on the edges of civilization. The first few years were a fight for survival at times, but eventually she learned the ins and outs. She drifted to the Spinward Marches, looking for a more open place. Now, left with Cr45K, a low passage to nowhere and her trusty body pistol, she is ready to start looking to settle down perhaps.

- one of my entries in the character challenge on my blog
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