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Old April 9th, 2016, 08:33 PM
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Default [CT Only] atpollard's PbP Traveller (Chapter 14) Day 14

[Blue Dragon Cyber Raiders - South] - [Biter 1416.45.0000 IST (9:00 AM Local)] - Flying Boat

Center for Disease Control, Office of Public Health, Biter Planetary Government:
"Effective 1416.45.0000 IST the CDC declares the health outbreak in Valdstenna to be under control and lifts both the quarantine and travel restrictions. The elderly, very young children, women who are pregnant and individuals with weakened or compromised immune systems are still advised to avoid the area.

The East Coast Military Command reminds all citizens that the emergency ban on all travel between the East Coast District and the Core District remains in effect."

"What do you make of it?" Asked Les.

"The timing is suspicious. I would like more information on this so called health outbreak." Marlon interjected.

"You are the closest thing we have to a doctor, so grab Brandy and see what you can find out. However, I don't want to divert too much of our limited resources away from finding that super weapon, so make a quick inquiry, reach out to BDCR-East to keep an ear open and get back to Job 1 ASAP. We all in synch?" instructed Bryce.

"Yes Sir." They replied.

Bryce smiled. Even Bug was starting to act like a Warrior. He still didn't talk like one, but Bryce would take a victory wherever he could find one right about now.

Flying Boat
  • Clifton Godwin [M] (age 25) - [6B898(7*)] - (Blue Dragon/ex-Greycoat: Flying Boat Pilot): Aircraft-2, Administration-1, Electronics-1, Jack-0-T-1, Brawling-0, Carousing-0, Gambling-0, Grav-0, Pistol-0, Mechanical-0, Survival-0, VaccSuit-0
  • Bryce Martel [M] (age 44) - [B8A89A] (wounded - recover by day 14) - (Blue Dragon Cyber Raider: ex-Guide): Computer-2, CbtR-1, GunCbt-1, JoT-1, Leader-1, Liaison-1
  • Brandy Crane [F] (age 39) - [65AC83] - (Blue Dragon Cyber Raider: ex-Warder): Computer-2, Blade-1, Electronic-1, Gambling-1, Streetwise-1
  • Les Maillot [M] (age 42) - [A6CB48] - (Blue Dragon Cyber Raider: ex-Citizen): Comms-3, Engineering-2, Advocate-1, JoT-1
  • Marlon Maillet [M] (age 44) - [698684] - (Blue Dragon Cyber Raider: ex-Warder): Electronic-2, Computer-1, Gambling-1, JoT-1, Medical-1, Streetwise-1
  • Chandra "Chappy" Capelle [F] (age 34) - [78BC33] - (Blue Dragon Cyber Raider: ex-Citizen): Engineering-2, Streetwise-1, Survival-1
  • "Bug" (Donald Knapp) (age 35) - [6B8E43] - (Blue Dragon Cyber Raider: ex-Hacker): Computer-3, Electronics-2, Streetwise-2, Pistol-1, Blade-0, Brawling-0, Bribery-0, Gambling-0, Mechanical-0
  • L.Cpl. Angel Bitt [F] (age 22) - (AMM Army): GunCbt-2, Mechanical-1, Vehicle-1
  • L.Cpl. Mirriam Bitt [F] (age 22) - (AMM Army): Brawling-1, GunCbt-1, Mechanical-1, Recon-1
  • Pvt. Randall Kane [M] (age 18) - (AMM Army): GunCbt-1, Recon-1
  • ... Flying Boat [300 kph]
  • ... Handheld RAM Grenade Launcher & 22 RAM Grenades
  • ... 100 man-days of food
  • ... 7700 Biter Credits cash & (Assorted Jewelry worth 1000 Biter Credits)

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