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Play By Post - In Character For in character play and digression.

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Old April 2nd, 2016, 05:07 PM
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Default [CT Only] atpollard's PbP Traveller (Chapter 13) Day 13

[Marco] - [Biter 1416.44.0030 IST (9:30 AM Local)] - Underground Psion Sanctuary
Originally Posted by Leitz View Post
"Pauline, Maggie,let's go. Jared, your call." He helped the ladies up. "If we die, it will be doing the right thing."
Marco awoke with the mother of all hangovers. Looking around, he appeared to be in a well furnished hotel room. There was an open door to a balcony and a breeze blew the gauze curtains. An exotic plant stood on a table in one corner of the room. Forcing his eyes to focus, Marco saw his Lacar mounted on a gun rack on the wall and his armor placed on a display stand below it. The bed was large and the sheets were incredibly soft. Suddenly, Marco realized that he was wearing nothing at all. Looking around, he spotted an open door to a closet containing a chest of draws and some clothes on hangers. Making his way to the closet, the clothes were in his size and in a variety of styles. Marco put on his armor and removed his Lacar from the wall. The Lacar had been rendered inoperative. He returned it to the rack on the wall. His combat knife was working just fine and all of the damage to his armor had been repaired. Double doors seemed to lead out of this room, so Marco stepped through.

Beyond your room was a large ornate sitting area and dining area with a small kitchen off to one side. Dona was sitting on a bar stool just spinning it around. She stopped when you entered the room "Oh good, your up. Here, drink this it will make you feel better." She said holding out a tall slender glass full of a raspberry colored liquid. "You are the first one awake." She glanced at a clock "Been out about thirty minutes."

"The others are still asleep" she said, pointing with a vague gesture at the three sets of doors identical to yours around the room. "I wanted to bring Jared home with me, but Mitchell said that he had to start out in his own space and make that decision for himself." Dona sighed. "I bet you have a few questions. So what would you like to talk about? I have been assigned to assist you all with your transition to your new life."

Dona leaned close "Just between you and me, this place is amazing. Beats living under the streets of Ulricehamn by a kilometer."

Marco reluctantly drank the strange liquid. Almost immediately, he started to feel better.

'Captain' Marco Domici - Term 2, Year 1 (UPP: 78*A885) (age 22) (Marine - Lance Sergeant [E4]): Gun Cbt (Energy Weapons)-2*, Blade Combat-1, Brawling-1, Vacc Suit-1, Admin-0, Computer-0, Electronic-0, Gambling-0, Leader-0, Medical-0, Mechanical-0, Tactics-0, Vehicle-0

NPCs in Sanctuary:
  • Pauline Lefranc [F] (age 44) - [64AD68] - (Blue Dragon Cyber Raider: ex-Mountainman): JoT-2, Blade-1, Gambling-1, Hunting-1, Mechanical-1, Survival-1
  • Lady Magdalena Patterson [F] (age 27) - [789CAB] - (Adventurer/Agri-Industry): Survival-2, Advocate-1, Gun Cbt (Energy Weapons)-1, Persuade-1, Stealth-1, Vehicle-1, AnimalHandling-0, Athletics-0, Computer-0, Diplomat-0, JoT-0, Recon-0, Science (biology)-0, Science (sociology)-0, Streetwise-0
  • Mr. Jared Wilkins, PhD [M] (age 27) - [495DCE] - (Dilettante): Medic (BioChemistry)-2, Persuade-2, Art (metalworking)-1, Diplomat-1, Streetwise-1, Advocate-0, Broker-0, Carouse-0, Comm-0, Computer-0, Deception-0, Science (psychology)-0
  • Dona [F] (age 20) - (Trader/Broker - Psion): Moves freely through solid rock.
  • Mitchell [M] (age 92) - (Banker - Psion): Talent unknown.
  • Jennifer [F] (age 22) - (Teacher - Psion): Special knowledge.

[OOC: Respond to 9:30 if Marco wants to talk with Dona alone.]

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