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Traveller 5 Discussion of the Fifth edition of Traveller, released Spring 2013.

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Old March 29th, 2020, 01:13 PM
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Default breaking probabilities in sophont psionics

First of all, I'd like to apologize if this reproduces someone else's observation. I searched but didn't see anything similar in the forums.

During the sophont creation process, a "Gender Six" sophont has a (10/36) chance of rolling on table B. It then has a (3/36) chance of getting an initial Psi=60.

Let's see how this can be taken advantage of.

If tested as an infant, our example sophont with Psi-60 has 360 points to allocate to Basic Abilities. Let's max out Remote and split the rest, leading to a D-S-R=150-150-60. It also has 360 points to allocate to Psionic Senses. Let's allocate all 360 to Psi-Vision or Psi-Awareness. Continuing, there are 360 points to allocate to Psionic ECM. Let's allocate all 360 to Teleport. This is where things get interesting.

"Teleport requires seeing the destination." Okay, so how far can we see with our remote sense?
360 (Range of 60D; let's use the worst roll) < 360 (our Psi-whatever) + -60 (Benchmark; let's use the worst possible of trying to see a Size=0 at Range=60) + 180 (Self) - 60 (Remote) -5 (Mod; let's assume it's pitch black where we're trying to scan).
360 < 360 - 60 + 180 - 60 - 5
0 < 55
Hey, automatic success at Range=60.

Now let's try to teleport there with automatic success.

360 (Range of 60D; let's use the worst roll) < 360 (Teleport score) + 180 (let's use Direct; it would be the same for Self) - 60 (Remote) - Size^2

360 < 360 + 180 - 60 - Size^2

360 < 480 - Size^2

Size < 10.95

That's a pretty nice sized ship one could bring along.

So how far is R=60? As far as I can tell, the maximally-defined range explicitly given is S=23 (so R=28) of 1 pc. S=22 (so R=27) is 1/2 pc. Looking at the lists of world and space ranges, it seems a safe lower bound to assume that a given range is at least double the previous range. With this assumption, R=60 is about 2^32 pc. That's about one seventh of the diameter of the observable universe, according to Wikipedia.

Imagine that in a semi-organic brain module at a moderate tech level. All you have to do is start and end in zero-G to avoid the altitude effects, and you have one interesting way of getting around the universe.
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