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Old January 10th, 2018, 04:56 PM
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Default [CT Only] atpollard's PbP Traveller (1416.57 - Marco) Day 26

[Marco] - [Biter 1416.57.0800 IST (10:00 AM local)] Restaurant, Oregrund
Marco sat at a familiar table in a familiar restaurant in a local neighborhood in Oregrund. The late afternoon sun shone through the window indifferent to the battles and the warzone that raged outside. Only Marco's advanced sensors detecting the heavy concentration of armed men guarding the street and neighborhood told Marco that this was not just another day in Oregrund. Max sat in his usual chair and stared at the chair that Marci had occupied at your last visit. He looked old.

Cranston and your Dragons had led the assault to rally local LEO and restore order neighborhood by neighborhood throughout the afternoon, all through the night and into the next day. Marco glanced briefly at the sunlight streaming through the windows and estimated that it was nearly noon local time. That made it approaching 18 hours into the battle to restore order in Oregrund. Marco had spent that time searching for Max and trying to locate Marci on his own. You found Max, but Marci seemed to elude both of you.

"She has been missing more than 24 hours" whispered Max to his coffee ... still staring at the chair. "The deadline for meeting their demands has passed. My Officers tell me we have broken the back of the organization in Oregrind and throughout the Coast, thanks to your help. Yet no one has any information on where Marci or Ms. Danailov's son might be." Max sighed "I am afraid, Marco. Afraid of what they may have done, and afraid of what I will do if they have harmed her."

Marco received a beep on his Comm. Communications have been restored between Oregrund and the rest of Bitter.
  • Data from the CDC reports updated figures for the Plague of almost 12 thousand dead and 37 thousand confirmed infected, with an estimated 12 thousand infected carriers currently undetected. The first batches of Vaccine will be distributed to the public at 1416.57.0900 IST and the Plague is expected to be under control within a week and completely eradicated over the next 3 weeks. Preliminary estimates of the final death toll are around 73 thousand killed.
  • The Biter Navy reports that the Confed Navy is approximately 62 hours from Biter Orbit and 56 hours from contact with the Hofud Navy. Negotiations between the Ingalil Government and the Hofud Embassy are continuing, but reported as 'tense'.
  • BDCR-W reports that the DMG has been restored to minimal function [able to hit on 12+]. They continue to repair the targeting system and increase the power to the weapon.

  • (Sir) Max 'The Undertaker' Monroe [M] (age 68) - [965C59*] - (Coaster Syndicate: Unlimited Manpower):
  • 'Captain Sir' Marco Domici [M] (age 22) - [78A9*8(5/B)-7] (Captain/Tjanern/Domici):

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