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Old March 29th, 2007, 03:17 AM
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this is a spreadsheet that with a single press of a button calculates a hit location on a human-shaped body, along with basic damage, armor penetration, critical hit damage, and blood loss. all base values are readily adjustable by the user at any time to suit various campaign needs and tastes. used on a laptop during a game it provides the referee all of this information at a glance with a push of a single button, even before the player has finished his to-hit roll.


the basic formulas used here are:

weapon damage = xd6 - ( x-1 )
armor protection = fixed_value

final damage = weapon damage - armor protection

critical hit damage = for each die that rolls 6, add another die of damage.

blood loss = for the first damage die, roll 1d6 for blood loss. in addition, for each damage die or blood loss die that rolls 6, add another die of blood loss.

these are used in order that the damages may also be rolled by hand, but of course there is no reason that d6 must be used or that these algorithms must remain unchanged. they can be as complex and as detailed as you like, and still be presented to the user just as fast.

the following is a brief description of the spreadsheet.

above is the user's view. in bright green are the weapons and armors considered. in gray green are the damages each weapon does, reduced by any protection offered by the armor referenced. in bluegreen are the critical hit values obtained for each weapon hit - these are added to any other damage done, but are listed separately in case the referee has other uses, or no use, for them. in pink are the blood loss values, the first being blood loss per round, and the second being total blood loss overall. the referee may or may not use these values.

above the damage listings are two data entry points in gray. these are the tech level for both weapons and armor. the referee may enter tech level here if he wishes to account for such differences in weapon damage and armor protection - what these additional values are are entered by him elsewhere on in the spreadsheet.

to the right is a simple hit locator. with each touch of the button a new hit location is determined and displayed.

to "roll the dice", it seems the best way is to select an empty cell and push the "delete" button. this causes all random number generators to cycle, and the new results will be displayed.

the above shows the four left columns hidden in the previous view. the far left "x" column lists the number of damage dice assigned to each weapon - 1 for small pistol, 2 for large pistol, etc. these are in gray, meaning the user may enter any value here he finds necessary. the second column adds to x the number of extra damage dice, if any, assigned to each weapon according to its tech level. the third column is the x-1 feature - subtracting this value enables each weapon to possibly do only one point of damage. the final light blue column lists the final damage done by the weapon to an unprotected unarmored target. this is the value that will appear in the (none) armor column. other armor columns may have damage values reduced by the armor value they reference.

(more later)

(more later)

(more later)
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