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Old September 9th, 2019, 02:45 AM
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Default Merchant Capt. Jamison, what a brilliant, shrewed rascal.

Throughout the known universe, Terrans and other intelligent beings told rumors, tales, and nursery rhymes about the Great Merchant Captain of the Expanse, Captain Jamison. For eons, thinking organisms have debated on just how the Great Merchant Captain rose to such prominence within the elite rich, upper social circles, and the most advanced scientists, while keeping his ties grounded with the…less savory elements. What is the truth? Well, the truth is so simple it has eluded discovery until an Ancient relic was found buried with a imaginable riches and technology deep within an ice covered labyrinth. The relic was Captain Jamison’s true service records. These service records prove just how cunning and ambitious young Alexander Lascelles Jamison was, and some may say he was a “cutthroat”. So, the truth. While serving his second term of service, 3rd Officer A. L. Jamison defied clear, succinct stamped and signed orders to report for specific training. Instead of making a right turn into training room 81, he snuck off to the left to training room 77. His keen intellect drove him to avoid the dreaded Steward classroom and to seek the beloved/powerful Gun Tactics. Gun Tactics would prove to be far more useful for survival and…..persuasion, than handing out silverware and napkins, or topping off drinks. So, satisfied with the resulting skill set gained years ago, 1st Officer A. L. Jamison doctored orders and returned to training room 77 during his fourth term of service.

BOOK 1 (1977 edition), BOOK 1 (1981 edition), THE TRAVELLER BOOK (1982), and STARTER TRAVELLER (1983), all say "He goes on a physical fitness Kick [Table 1, roll 3= +1 endurance] and learns to better defend himself [Table 2, roll 4= gun combat] using the small body pistol.", during his second term of service.

BOOK 1 (1977 edition), BOOK 1 (1981 edition), THE TRAVELLER BOOK (1982), and STARTER TRAVELLER (1983), all say "He trains himself in the martial arts [Table 1, roll 5= blade combat], choosing the cutlass and [Table 2, roll 4= gun combat] the submachinegun.", during his Fourth term of service.

Check this out:

ACQUIRED SKILLS TABLES comparing BOOK 1 (1977 edition) and BOOK 1 (1981 edition):

Personal Development Table
_77 Navy 81 Navy 77 Marines81 Marines77 Army 81 Army 77 Scouts 81 Scouts 77 Merchant81 Merchant77 Other81 Other
1+1 Stren +1 Stren +1 Stren +1 Stren +1 Stren +1 Stren +1 Stren +1 Stren +1 Stren +1 Stren +1 Stren +1 Stren
2+1 Dext +1 Dext +1 Dext +1 Dext +1 Dext +1 Dext +1 Dext +1 Dext +1 Dext +1 Dext +1 Dext +1 Dext
3+1 Endur +1 Endur +1 Endur +1 Endur +1 Endur +1 Endur +1 Endur +1 Endur +1 Endur +1 Endur +1 Endur +1 Endur
4+1 Social +1 Intel Gambling Gambling Gambling Gambling Gun Cbt +1 Intel +1 Stren +1 Stren Blade Cbt Blade Cbt
5+1 Intel +1 Educ Brawling Brawling Brawling +1 Educ +1 Intel +1 Educ Blade Cbt Blade Cbt Brawling Brawling
6+1 Educ +1 Social Blade Cbt Blade Cbt +1 Educ Brawling +1 Educ Gun Cbt Bribery Bribery -1 Social -1 Social
Service Skills Table
_77 Navy 81 Navy 77 Marines81 Marines77 Army 81 Army 77 Scouts 81 Scouts 77 Merchant81 Merchant77 Other81 Other
1Ship's BoatShip's Boat ATV Vehicle ATV Vehicle Air/Raft Vehicle Steward Vehicle Forgery Vehicle
2Vacc SuitVacc Suit Vacc Suit Vacc Suit Air/Raft Air/Raft Vacc Suit Vacc Suit Vacc Suit Vacc Suit Gambling Gambling
3Fwd ObsvFwd Obsvr Blade Cbt Blade Cbt Fwd Obsv Gun Cbt Navigation Mechanical +1 Stren Jack-o-T Brawling Brawling
4Blade CbtGunnery Blade Cbt Gun Cbt Blade Cbt Fwd Obsvr Mechanical Navigation Gun Cbt Steward Blade Cbt Bribery
5Gun CbtBlade Cbt Gun Cbt Blade Cbt Gun Cbt Blade Cbt Electronic Electronics Electronic Electronics Gun Cbt Blade Cbt
6GunneryGun Cbt Gun Cbt Gun Cbt Gun Cbt Gun Cbt Jack-o-T Jack-o-T Jack-o-T Gun Cbt Bribery Gun Cbt

The ACQUIRED SKILLS TABLES for THE TRAVELLER BOOK and STARTER TRAVELLER are the same as in BOOK 1 (1981 edition), except for table 2, line one, and is shown below:

Services Skills Table
_Navy Marines Army Scouts Merchant Other
1Ship's Boat ATV ATV Air/Raft Vehicle Vehicle

*Note: Errata indicates incidents of "ATV" and "Air/Raft" should be "Vehicle" in the above tables.

Captain A. L. Jamison learned his lesson about "Steward" and skipped class for more useful training, starting in 1981!

I guess the thing to do is to change the rolls from "4" to "6", for 1981 and later.


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Old September 9th, 2019, 03:51 AM
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In my game Jamison fell on hard times and bartered a charter with a band of pirates, and is currently operating as a successful corsair captain under said band with his free trader.

There is a 10K credit bounty on his pony tail and 50K for the rest of him.
Torc Raven VII...because Torcs 1-6 died during chargen. Played a few years during the mid-80's, new GM to the game via CT starter set as of Dec. 2018

Currently portraying Nyco 'the Kid' Layne in flykiller's Imperial Scout Rescue Service PbP game
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Old April 21st, 2020, 03:12 PM
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Default Captain Jamison's Ire

I always wondered why the description claimed Captain Jamison was upset with the Merchant service for retiring him at the peak of his career--when obviously he had to retire (move on) in order to become captain of his own Free Trader? Which is better--to serve on someone else's ship, or to be Captain and Master-Aboard? And, with all those pesky, incessant bills to pay on the Type A, he's not gonna be retired to the vacation house on the lake any time in the next 40 years. . . .
There are three types of Travellers with Math-3+: those who can count, and those who cannot.

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