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Old November 14th, 2019, 02:23 AM
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Default Imperial Type-S variants

(Cross-posted from FB.)

I’ve been thinking for a while about the ubiquitous Imperial Type-S Scout/Courier. About why it is so uniform across the Imperium, over many generations. Yet at the same time, there are differences between editions of Traveller that go beyond those explained by the changes in the rules … different external look (despite always being a wedge), different deck plans, even different class names when given.

A hypothesis: The Type-S designation is a broad requirement specification only, and the different implementations are actually different classes that meet those requirements at different TLs:
  • TL 9 … the Suleiman class … from GDW Supplement 7 (Traders & Gunboats) … the one with the stinky life support flaw.
  • TL 10 … [unnamed] class … from Judges Guild Starships and Spacecraft.
  • TL 11 … [unnamed] class … from QLI Deck Plans 1 (Scout Courier).
  • TL 12 … Murphy class … from FFE T5 Core Book 2 (Starships).
  • TL 13 … Suleiman II … from SJGames GURPS Traveller Core Book … okay, a little retcon-ing of the flavor text to get the class name. But, whatever.
  • TL 14 … [unnamed] class … from Mongoose Traveller Main Rulebook.
  • TL 15 … [unnamed] class … from GDW Imperial Encyclopedia … I think I want to call it the Suleiman III class.
(No, I haven’t forgotten the TL 11 Serpent class, the TL 14 Ninz class, or any of the other ‘alien’ variants.)

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