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Old April 23rd, 2013, 08:48 AM
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Arrow [Referee] On Force Commander Martel of the Royal Marines.

Usual inline, Arial, green comments.
Originally Posted by pendragonman View Post
Name: Valdemar Martel (Wally)
Born: 181-0158. Died: N/A. Age: 42
Hair: Red-Blonde. Eyes: Hazel. Height: 191 cm. Mass: 105 kg.
Title(s): Force Commander, Knight of The Most Ancient and Excellent Order of Maltese (KM).
Fame: 22 Domain. (Rank RMO4, SEH+8, 2xMCG+6, Flux +2).

UPP: 99A8Bc, KM, 1st Baronet of Pecias, Imperial Land Grants = 3 Mainworld Hexes and 4 non-Mainworld Hexes, 1 Voting Seat in the Moot worth KCr 100/year.
Birth UPP: A9879A. (Lord Martel, by right of birth to a Knight. So that would be something like KCr 5/year from TC from non-Mainworld Hex (Gentleman, Soc A) since Wally was 18 years old. So, how has he been handling his responsibilities to his Imperial Holding that goes with having a Land Grant and its income?)
Genetic Profile: 5564XB. (So, who was the Knight and of what Order are they?)

Skills: Animals-0 (Riding)-1, Art (Sketch)-1, Driver-0 (Wheeled)-1, Engineer-2 (Power Plants)-2, Explosives-1, Fighting-6 (Unarmed)-2, Flyer-0 (Grav)-1, Hostile Environment-1, Language (Battle)-6, Leader-2, Mechanic-1, Medic-1, Stealth-2, Tactics-3.

Birthworld: [FS 1726] Pecias E 564 620-2. Ni Ag Ri Co FSa {0} (95A0) [4691] BC A12 Ic G7 V NIL Settlers RU 450 Worlds 15.
Homeworld: Same
Homeworld Skills: Driver-0 (Wheeled)-1, Animals-0 (Rider)-1, Art (Sketch)-1.

Education: Imperial Joint Forces Academy at Blackwall. (Edu 9, Target 9-1=8): roll=6 (Accepted).
Pass/Fail: Target C5-1=8, rolls: 7, 8, 8, 4, Honors: 11 Pass, w/o Honors
Major: Engineer-2 (Power Plants)-2, Assume that you took the course work equal to an Associate's in Power Plants and then on top of that got the basic Bachelor of Naval Engineering [MOS: 11B RN Power Systems Officer (O1-O3)], as each Year of Education equals one Receipt of a Skill or Knowledge. So your actual Major is Engineer. Minor: Tactics (Military)-2 [MOS: 21A RM Infantry Officer].
Commissioned: Royal Marine Officer 1
UPP: A9879A.

Term 1:
Begin: Automatic
Branch: Commando (21C 5V). [MOS: 21C RM Recon, Qualification Code: 5V Commando Qualification.]
Assignments: 5,4,4,3 Insurgency 2, 2 x Insurgency 1, Peace Keeper DM: Caution +2
Risk (C1=A): Target: A-2-2-1+2=7, roll =7. Success.
Reward (C1=A): Target: A+2+2-1-2=C, roll =2 Success.
Medals: C-R=8 Campaign Ribbon (See GM), SEH
Promotion: Edu 9-1 Royal Marine Mod+1=9, roll 8 Success: Royal Marine Officer 2. Automatic Rank Skill: Leader-1
Continue: Str=A-1 Royal Marine Mod, roll =9 Success.
Skills: Fighting 0 (Unarmed)-2, C2 +1 (Dex A), C3+2 (End A).

Term 2:
Assignments: 3,2,2,5 Peace Keeper, Combat, Combat, Insurgency 2 DM: Caution +2
Risk (C2=A): Target: A-2-2-1+2=7, roll =7 Success.
Reward (C2=A): Target: A+2+2-1-2=B, roll =4 Success.
Medals: C-R=6 Campaign Ribbon (See GM), MCG.
Promotion: Edu 9-1 Royal Marine Mod+1=9, roll =7 Success: Royal Marine Officer 3
Continue: Str=A-1=9, roll =4 Success.
Skills: Fighting-2, Language (Battle)-6, Stealth-1, C4+1 (Int 8).

Term 3:
Assignments: 1,1,2,2, Battle, Battle, Combat, Combat DM: Caution +2
Risk (C3=A): Target: A-2-3-1+2=6, roll =8 Failure. Wounds 1 Recover 1
Reward (C3=A): Target: A+2+2-1-2=B, roll N/A.
Medals: Wound Badge
Promotion: Edu=9-1 Royal Marine Mod =8, roll =2 Success: Royal Marine Officer 4 Automatic Rank Skill: Tactics-1
Continue: Str=A-2=8, roll =5 Success.
Skills: Fighting-2, Mechanic-1, C5+2 (Edu B).
Aging: Life Stage 5, C1 roll =7 , C2, roll =6, C3 roll =7.

Term 4:
Assignments: Command College, 1,1,5 So how do you roll a 1 on 2D? Command College is 1 year and only requires 1x Pass/Fail roll v. Int or C5. Also, what was your Major in Command College, got a Thesis subject perhaps? Command College Majors: Strategy, Leader, or Liaison. This is a 1 year College, so I assume that last roll is Honors. Battle, Battle, Insurgency 2 DM: Caution +2
Risk (C4=8): Target:8-3-2-1+2=3, roll =7 Failure Wounds 2 Recover 2
Reward (C4): Target 8+3+2-2-1=A, roll: N/A
Medals: Wound Badge
Promotion: Edu=9-1 Royal Marine Mod =8, roll =A Failure.
Continue: Str=A-3=7, roll =7 Success.
Skills: Leader-1, Flyer-0 (Grav)-1, Stealth-1, Fighting-1
Aging: Life Stage 5<2D, C1 roll =3 (Str -1 =9), C2, roll =9, C3 roll =9

Term 5:
Assignments: 3,4,5,1 Peace Keeper, Insurgency, Insurgency 2, Battle DM: +2 Caution
Risk (C1=A): Target A-3-2-1+2=6, roll =4 Success.
Reward (C1=A): Target: A+3+2-2-1=C, roll =4 Success.
Medals: C-R=6 Campaign Ribbon, MCG
Promotion: Edu=9-1 Royal Marine Mod =8 +1=9, roll =B Failure
Continue: Str=A-4=6, roll =5 Success.
Skills: Fighting-1, Explosives-1, Hostile Environment-1, Medic-1
Aging: Life Stage 6<2D, C1 roll =7, C2 roll =6 (Dex -1 =9), C3 roll =9
UPP: 99A7BA.

Muster Out (9: 5 terms, 3 Medals, Fame Bonus): C6+2 ("Citizen Valdemar Martel is hereby Elevated to the Rank and Title of 1st Baronet of Pecias by Decree of HI&RM Vladimir II, Emperor of the Permatic Worlds, with an Imperial Exception to assignment of preferred Noble Land Grants which are to be Awarded on his Homeworld." Income: 3x Mainworld Hexes @ KCr 10 x 5 TCs = KCr 50/year = KCr 150/year total + 4x non-Mainworld Hexes @ KCr 5/year (minimum) = KCr 20/year total (minimum) = Minimum Income Per Year: KCr 170.), Retirement: 30 KCr per annum, WaferJack, Life Insurance (When was your last Update? I will be nice and assume you get your Primary Personality Recording done when you Muster Out, but your Updated Personality Recording is on you. ), Cr120,000. Weapon (Probably a side arm)
So, there you are Wally, officially the 1st Baronet of Pecias. Congratulations on your Elevation.
Lord Craig A. Glesner, PC,
Seventh Captain of the Imperial Guard, CO (O3) D Trp/3 Sqdn/4518th LIR,
Duke of Sinta, Count Smoug, Viscount Alell, Musayid, & Nii Khu, Marquis Malory & Phlume, Baron Donu-na,
Knight Retainer of the Emperor for Salla, Inarli, & Bhuur,
Knight Retainer of the Baron Jacha, Knight Retainer of the Baronet Kiind,
Knight of the Third Imperium for Trane,
Travellers' Aid Society Member #0543.

Thornwood-Daarnulud LLC

"Some annoying, some entertaining, a few informative, but, Always, Magnus."

Last edited by Magnus von Thornwood; April 23rd, 2013 at 12:16 PM.. Reason: colors and Royals.


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