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Imperial Interstellar Scout Service Details of the worlds of the Imperium (and beyond).

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Old March 25th, 2015, 08:34 PM
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Default Suggestion for T5SS and stellar data

There was a prior discussion on T5SS stellar parsing, with some good ideas, and no apparent resolution. I posted an idea there, and then an updated version in the T5 forum. Some of the discussion was hard to follow and understand.

After a lot of playing with stellar data from TravellerMap, I have some thoughts and a suggestion. I use this IMTU, and it works pretty well. I simplified as much as possible.

Here I present the most recent version, for public consumption and use. If the T5SS can use and improve on it, praise the board!

I propose an expansion of the current T5 data format for the purpose of clarifying the OTU stellar data, in 2 separate parts. Each character in the initial segment represents one star.

The string starts with a P to indicate the Primary. For each additional star I add the e-hex value of the orbit, or a "c" for a companion, and go from left to right, one position per star, in the order above. I use a "." to represent a non-existent star. I put a space in the middle to make it easier to read.

IMTU I also have a custom 4-character field after that segment, which I call the POsH, used to "locate" the mainworld. This gives me the detail level I want IMTU. I'll add the POsH to my new indicator, with a dash as a separator.

P = planet type where 0 is planet, 1 is close satellite, 2 is far satellite, and 3 is asteroid belt
O is for the SOLAR orbit A-Z
s is the satellite orbit if MW orbits a GG, or a . (decimal) for a regular planet
H is the habitable zone indicator, - for HZ-1, = for HZ, + for HZ+1, or . for asteroid belt

This allows me to use EXISTING stellar info, and add my own interpretation of where each star is located, without fouling up YTU. This also means I DON'T HAVE TO CHANGE existing stellar data, but can do it my way by simply adding MY interpretation of the stellar data.

Here are some examples, taken from my current VB6 test sectors

Orbits    PoSH Stellar
--------- ---- ----------------
P... .... 01.- K5 V              >>> Primary only, planet in solar orbit 1, not a satellite, HZ-1
P.2c .... 02.- G4 V M6 VI K5 VI  >>> Close in orbit 2 with a companion, MW is planet in orbit 2, HZ-1
P... 6... 01B+ M8 VI BD          >>> near dwarf orbit 6; MW is solar orbit 1, satellite orbit B, HZ+1 
Pc.. .... 36.. DM BD             >>> primary with companion; MW asteroid belt in orbit 6

o Consistency for future pubs/users
o Clarifies location of each existing star
o Ignore it if you don't want to use it
o Uses existing stellar data
o Almost NO PoSH indicators in the current data
- Regina and a couple of others added "Sa" (satellite) but that can be manually tweaked
- If an "official" data source gives details, use that data instead of random determination
o No changes to existing remarks needed, PoSH gives that info for remark generation


o Adds about 15% to the overall length of the T5 data line
o Will take some work to create the OTU version
- Primary is easy; additional stars may be close, far, or far companion
o Can "add" remarks based on HZ (Co, Ho, Tr, etc) or Satellite
- that is IF they generate new remarks based on the data
o Something new to have to learn/figure out/adapt to

I'm sure there are other pros and cons, I leave those as an exercise for the reader. For example, MW is not tied to a specifi star at this time. ONE additional character in the PoSH could fix that.

Thoughts welcomed, criticism accepted, and willing to contribute.
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My work-in-progress:

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