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Traveller 5 Discussion of the Fifth edition of Traveller, released Spring 2013.

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Old September 1st, 2016, 01:00 PM
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Post The Gvegh of LAIR, T^5 Sophont

Viewers we now take you to the Living section of our Net-7 News cast.

Tonight's topic IMT^5U: The Gvegh of LAIR/Grnouf (Provence 2402), about their G5 V stellar primary. Lair A8859B9-E Cx Ga Hi Pr Pz [Vargr], see your local Library Data for more info on the Vargr home world.

The Gvegh are a sub-species, intra-species race (if you prefer), and an ethnicity of the Major Race of Vargr from the same LAIR as other Vargr originate. This sub-species is found in Gvurrdon, Knoellighz, Dhuerorrg, Tuglikki Sectors and can range as far into Ghoekhnael, the Spinward Marches and into Zhodani space where it suits the psionic Humaniti. Travellers can reach points even further.

Here are some technical measurements:
Niche and Subniche: Carnivore Chaser
Environ Flux: 0
Native Terrain: Open Plains
Breathes: Air-8
Genders: FM Female and Male
Morphology: Plains Walker
Castes: n/a

Characteristics: SDEIEC (Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, Intelligence, Education, Charisma)
C1 Strength: Male 2D-1 Female 2D-1
C2 Dexterity: Male 2D+1 Female 2D+1
C3 Endurance: Male 2D-1 Female 2D-1
C4 Intelligence: Male 2D Female 2D
C5 Education: Male 2D Female 2D
C6 Charisma: Male 2D Female 2D
C7 Sanity: Male 2D Female 2D (not rolled at Chargen)
C8 Psionics: 2D+3-Life Stage (not rolled at Chargen but Awakening)

Vision: V20-RGB
Hearing: H20-8483
Smell: S20-4 Vargr sense of smell is slightly Sharper than Humaniti, but less than other Vargr sub-species.
Touch: T14-3
Aware: A16-3
Perception: P14-3

Racial Scent: VAR-QOF
Head with Brain & Senses
Torso present
Limbgroup1 Arms
Limbgroup2 n/a
Limbgroup3 Legs
Limbgroup4 n/a
Tail present

Skeleton: Bony Interior
Fluids: Blood
Skin: Furry Pelt
Weapon: Fangs-1, claws no extra damage
Manipulators: Hands
Grip: 0
Preferred Controls: 0
Optimized Controls: 0
Alien Controls: -1
Configurable Controls: 0
Touch: 0
Stance: Vertical

Special Abilities:
As of this report, the Gvegh have evidenced no Special Abilities worthy of mention.

Gender Consensus: Female 50% Male 50%

Language: Verbal, The Gvegh speak their own sub-species tongue which takes minimal, if irritating patience to understand if coming from other sub-species regions.
Poice: Firm

Gvegh Average Size: Male 71kg Female 70kg
Gvegh Typical Height: Male 1.7m Female 1.65m

Gvegh Psionics: Default 2D+3 - Life Stage, The Gvegh have a greater availability to Crisis, Awakening and learn psionics due to their proximity to the Zhodani Consulate whom have deigned to instruct their Vargr neighbors. Additionally, due to intermittent contact with the psionic Zhodani, Gvegh Vargr can have an increased frequency instance of Awakening, either through encouragement, instruction or being present near active and detectable Psionics effects.

Gvegh Tech Level Cap: 33
Gravitics: 9
Fusion Plus: 13
Event Branch Manipulation: 29
Jump Drive: 9

Though familiar with the Gvegh, especially in Gvurrdon and Knoellighz Sectors, this Anchor-rat is open to discussion with those sophonts whom have made contact enough to merit updating the above data. Send your notations to Serue (Knoellighz 1221) immediately.

For the Living section of Net-7 News, this is the Pakkrat live via satellite from Roethoeegaeaegz (Knoellighz 1726).
Virus: When you care to infect the very best.
Empress Wave: Not something done in a local stadium.
Incoming Code: tc 23- mgt++ tn++ t20- t4- t5++ tp? tg- th? to~ ru+ ge- 3i+ c+ jt- au+ ls+ pi+ ta he+ kk hi+ as++ va++ dr+ ith? vr? ne? so+ zh+ vi+ da+ sy~
The Pakkrat 0608 X58738-8 S va++ so+ zh+ vi+ da+ 534
On assignment: Dhillourr (Gzaefueg 1413) B110A7A-G Hi In {5} 102 F9 V VRo5
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