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Old May 23rd, 2020, 03:35 AM
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"I find your lack of verisimilitude disturbing."

The game system is built for play, and seeking verisimilitude ends in disappointment. Some of the play-intended ideas are kinda dumb and don't stand up to examination.

If the pricing structure doesn't make trade profitable, no bank would loan money for a ship. End of story. If you have a very large down payment, then the lower bank payments would allow profitable trade to whatever degree enabled by the down payment. A cash purchase makes money handily, but it still has a 20+ year ROI without speculative trade.

Not that spec trade is so bad, it just can't be reliably projected for the purpose of repaying a loan, therefore it can't secure a loan.
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Old May 23rd, 2020, 04:06 AM
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After all these years...

the trade rules, the ship payments rules and the encounter rules are all for playing the game from the perspective of a PC scale group.

GDW in other games had rules for resource manufacture and spending, construction and maintainance etc for whole worlds and fleets.

To try and derive the economic systems of the Third Imperium from the PC scale ship financing and trade rules is destined to fail since there are so many other variables that do not even get a mention, most of which have come up in this thread.

The trade 'rules' for a megacorporation shipping line plying the trade lanes are very likely different to the PC scale of things.
The beauty of CT LBB1-3 is that the ref is free to make such decisions for themselves.
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Old May 23rd, 2020, 06:25 AM
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I'm broadly in-line with a few of the other posters in this thread.

In terms of regulation of the safety of ships hull & architecture, and regular inspections, the design of a ship should first be approved by the SPA (CT Canon, pp37-42 JTAS #19, even if they did call it the Skyport Authority ), it being an Imperium-wide civil organisation devoted to the operations and safety of Starports, and as a result, having the authority to approve or deny landing rights.

Similarly, regular inspections could require civilian shipping to call into a class A-C port for annual safety inspections without too much added budget requirements of the SPA; a fee for the time involved in the inspection would usually be charged, based on the size of the hull.

In terms of enforcement, as has been mentioned in previous posts in this thread, the SPA has the statutory right to withhold the approach/landing/docking or liftoff/undocking/departure of any ship on safety or medical grounds, with fairly stiff financial and penal penalties attached for non-compliance.

The only ships that would escape the SPAs authority would be military ships.

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Old May 23rd, 2020, 11:42 AM
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Originally Posted by aramis View Post
Given the GDP per capita in Striker (which is decanonized, just for reference) and the canon 13 month year... (Note that the canon year of 13 months only seems to be 12 payments a year, so the min 2 weeks downtime probably, and IMTU and IM analysis here, it's generally the ship's crew's vacation time)...

TL15 Rich Ag world is Cr42,240/year
TL12 neither rich, poor, ag, non-ag, in, non-in is Cr12,000 per year

Ship's Captain is Cr6,000 for Cr78,000/year (has to work the month of maintenance)
Ship's Navigator is Cr5,000 for Cr60,000/year (has maintenance off)
Ship's Engineer is Cr4000/mo or Cr52,000/year (has to work maintenance)
Stewards at Cr3000/mo, Cr36,000/year (has maintenance off unless the captain's wanting his services)
Medics at Cr2000/mo, Cr24,000/year (Has maintenance off)
Rousts and Gunners at Cr1,000/mo, Cr12,000 (has maintenance off)

A ship's captain is well off - no living expenses and clearing 1.5x as much as the upper middle class in the wealthiest worlds!

Even many TL 10 worlds, it's average GDP per Capita, and that's usually around 4th quintile... quite well off to even be a cargo roust or gunner.

These kinds of jobs are going to attract quite a few of the lower classes from TL9+ worlds...

I'm not digging through T5 to figure out the current canonical equivalent values... but suffice it to say, Ship Crews make GOOD money.

Compare this to the mercenaries...
A Merc Colonel (per Bk 4) makes Cr2,000 a month. Same as a ship's Medic.
A Merc Private makes Cr300 a month.

Simply put... Ship crews, even lowly rousts and gunners, make ground officer pay...
And don't forget these pays rates include board and lodging.
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Old May 24th, 2020, 04:06 AM
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Times it by five.

There's a difference between the pay grade of a private in the Imperium Army, and what a highly skilled recently retired special operations operator costs you.

Or even what private military contractors charge super power governments for security specialists, they may have recruited from third world societies, not just discharged veterans from their own militaries.

If mercenary wage gap is below median, that reflects supply, demand and desperation.
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