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Old August 26th, 2017, 11:09 AM
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Default Proposed Civil-Service Pay Scale

In another thread, the question was raised as to why Scouts receive no pension. While various reasons were put forward, no one considered the Real World institution of the General Schedule currently in use in the USA.

Here is my (IMTU) proposal for the . . .

3rd Imperium General Schedule (GS) Monthly Pay Scale

The general schedule (GS) is the predominant pay scale within the 3rd Imperium's civil service. The GS includes the majority of white-collar personnel (professional, technical, administrative, and clerical) positions.


1) Roll 2D (2d6).
2) Apply a DM per the bonus or penalty of the character's SOC score.
3) The final result is the GS rating of a person on the GS payroll in the 3rd Imperium. There are only 16 pay ratings -- GS-0 to GS-15 (or GS-F) -- thus, results less than 0 are 0 and results greater than F are F.

The amount shown is that person's monthly pay. Persons on 'Detached Duty' (i.e., Detached-Duty Scouts, Intelligence Agents, Diplomats, Knights Errant, et cetera) receive this amount as a monthly stipend.

A civil servant comes up for promotion once every year. Various factors come into play, and the 3I's guidebook for determining who gets promoted would be over 2000 pages long in hardcopy form. Most supervisors aren't concerned, however, as few people ever protest their own promotions.

Note that those who amass large volumes of personal items in one location may have to abandon their goods when transferred or called to active duty.


0 - Cr1000
1 - Cr1165
2 - Cr1360
3 - Cr1585
4 - Cr1850
5 - Cr2155
6 - Cr2510
7 - Cr2930
8 - Cr3415
9 - Cr3980
10 - Cr4640
11 - Cr5410
12 - Cr6310
13 - Cr7355
14 - Cr8575
15 - Cr10000


0 -3
1-2 -2
3-5 -1
6-8 +0
9-B +1
C-E +2
F+ +3

Note that blue-collar workers are usually (1) hired locally, (2) paid the prevailing local wage for equivalent work, and (3) easily replaced under the Imperium's "At-Will Hiring" policy.
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