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Traveller 5 Discussion of the Fifth edition of Traveller, released Spring 2013.

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Old July 5th, 2017, 09:33 AM
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Question T5 Fame and Relict Clones

This question may boil down to individual Referee preference in Your Traveller5 Universe, but here goes:

Should a Relict Clone, a Force Grown copy of the original, be allowed to glean or sponge off some, none or all of its progenitor's Fame?

Here are some reason why the answer is No:

1. Tech Levels are high enough on the progenitor's homeworld that everyone knows that the clone is not the progenitor. Society has gotten used to cloning so that they make no misconceptions or wrong assumptions about the Relict Clone.

2. Society has evolved or grown such that they are ready to move on from the glitz and glamour of the progenitor and truly want to see what the Relict Clone can do on its own lifetime.

3. The progenitor's Fame is infamy and everyone has suffered from the antics of the original, such that hopes are high that the Relict Clone will be a better person this time around.

I thought of some reasons why the answer is Yes:

1. Society assumes that the apple does not fall far from the tree. The Relict Clone has all or most of the memories of the progenitor and the engram will write such habits, demeanor, behavior and preferences upon the Clone.

2. Society just can't get enough of the Famous progenitor and wants more of the same from the Relict Clone.

3. The Relict Clone chooses to take up the same Career and lifestyle as the progenitor and rides all the inheritance and privilege to its fullest.

Here is an example from My Traveller Universe:
In tracking down her younger brother, Dame Qithka Cannagrrh entered the Spinward Marches and decided to drop the funds for a contracted Relict Clone. As an Entertainer - author and actress - and Fame-20 (famous throughout Gvurrdon Sector), she knew things were heating up towards the Fifth Frontier War. She just didn't know the exact date War would begin. Her attaché, Uthka Varzeekh was the only person who knew of the Life Insurance expenditure back in 1106. The contract was set and the Dame went on from the remote office of the Cloning company, (I haven't decided which megacorporation it was yet), to find her brother.

As it is in her bio in another thread, the Dame and Uthka had many adventures. They transmitted Qithka's field correspondence back home through the magazine she worked for, Kfan Uzangou and maintained her popularity in covering what she could of the Fifth Frontier War, the Darrian Confederation, the Sword Worlds and District 268. It made quite a splash to cover her brother's and Uthka's banishment by none other than the Archduke of Deneb Norris.


Now when Dame Qithka Cannagrrh is on her deathbed, getting her personality engram scanned a final time for packaging along with her personal belongings to ship to the contracted Cloning facility, (Vincennes I believe it will be) she dies and her Death Certificate goes with the package.

Will Qithka Cannagrrh01 wake and be able to take up her previous life's Fame-20 and go from there? Will she want to is a more interesting question, but let's keep it simple for now. What kind of reception will she receive back home on Dzuerongvoe / Dzen / Gvurrdon? Is Cloning, especially Relicts a no-no to the ethnic Vargr of the Extents? If so, will Qithka Cannagrrh01 have a fight for the right to life on her claws?

Social mores aside, I have not found rules in Traveller5 that present a clear answer to the Fame question.
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