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Old September 21st, 2013, 12:16 PM
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Default Vargr Language Arrghoun dialect

Hello all,

Background for my questions
A couple of months ago I used BITS 101 Corporations and randomly generated a Vargr Mining company. I recalled that CT Alien Module 3 Vargr had a two page list of Vargr words with Anglic translations and checked to see if a Vargr word for mining had already been generated.

I opened CT Alien Module 3 to page 26 which is titled Arrghoun Grammar. I noticed that in column 2 in the section under the heading of Punctuation that two of the punctuation symbols appeared to be the same. My next action was to read through the punctuation section, concluded this might be errata and made a post on the CT Errata forum. Donald McKinney replied that he needed a little more input for other members. Meanwhile, I began checking through the grammar rules and began translating the material on CT Alien Module 3 pages 24-25, which I added to my original post. My efforts resulted in finding a single case that supported the grammar rules on page 26. Unfortunately, the 20 lines of the story I have translated on page 24 column is adding more possible errata. The story is in the Vargr dialect of Arrghoun and the first possible errata is that the word gvurrdon is not listed in the vocabulary on pages 22-23. Next comes the word satoengetes which per the Grammar material on page 26 appears to be the past action conjugation of verb toenge. Unfortunately, the suffix of tes doesn't match the grammar rule on page 26.

I contacted Donald McKinney via email showing some of several other items in addition to the two mentioned that could be errata based on CT Alien Module pages 7, 14, 22-23, and 26. After a couple of emails Donald asked which Vargr language dialect I was referring to since the material on pages 7 and 14 where for the Gvegh dialect of the Vargr language. My reply was to manually type a copy of page 26 Arrghoun Grammar in response to his question. Donald indicated that I needed to figure out the differences between Gvegh and Arrghoun by following the instructions on pages 7 and 14.

I've put the manual translation of the text on pages 24-25 and have begun checking the Arrghoun vocabulary with the Gvegh language tables on page 7 as templates. My rough review resulted in finding that Arrghoun has initial consonsants of hv (only one example), zd, zh, and zl. Arrghoun has one vowel example of ai.

From the rough review I have now completely deconstructed 289, I working on 290, words. For the most part Arrghoun vocabulary appears to follow the Gvegh language rules, unfortunately there are one or two cases where the Arrghoun dialect does not match the Gvegh rules.

The first Gvegh rule that syllables ending in a vowel cannot be followed by syllables beginning with a vowel. In the Arrghoun vocabulary I have found two cases where syllables ending in a vowel are followed by syllables starting with a vowel.

My only language experiences are American English, one high school semester of German and two semesters of Spanish. Which means I am not
anywhere close to being a linguist and reading the details on CT Alien Module 3 page haven't really helped me figure out what may or may not be errata.

1. How much difference would there be between Arrghoun and Gvegh dialects per page 7.

2. How much has the grammar rules changed between Arrghoun and Gvegh?

Any help would be appreciated?

Please note my efforts are aimed at trying to get the material on pages 22-26 and the Anglic translation on pages 44-45 to match with the language and grammar rules.
Tom Rux
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