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Old August 30th, 2006, 02:26 AM
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I've never been quite happy with the various versions of rules explaining how to throw grenades in Classic Traveller.

Some use the rule Book 4. Some use the "throwing blades" rule in Book 1. Some use the Snapshot rule. Some use the Azhanti High Lightning rule. And some use the rule in Striker.

And, those are only CT methods of throwing a grenade. Let's not forget that it's very easy to port over the hand grenade rule from MegaTraveller or the like.

All of these rules are different yielding varying results.

Here's how I'm going to handle throwing grenades in my game. It's a mesh of the Azhanit High Lightning rule, the rule from Book 4, and the Universal Game Mechanic.

Throwing Grenades

Grenade (or Throwing)/DEX/+0

Typically, a CT character won't have Grenade or Throwind skill, but these are default skills. All characters have them at Level-0.

Note that DEX is referenced in the DMs below, so the UGM Natural Ability check is not performed on this task.

</font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;">Task DMs
DEX-11 or better +1DM
DEX-6 or less -2DM
Range 6-15m +0DM
Range 16-30m -1DM
Range 31-45m -2DM
Range 46-50m -3DM
Throw from behind cover -2DM
------------------------------</pre>[/QUOTE]Grenades are thrown at targets which are at Medium range (6-50 meters), unless a Critical Failure drops the grenade closer. Each character can throw only one grenade per round, but he can be treated as Evading. Frag and Concussion grenades use the Damage modifiers associated with a 4 cm RAM HE grenade (listed in Book 4), but the GM is encouraged to create other grenade versions. The blast radius of a typical Frag or Concussion grenade is 1 combat square distant from the target square (so a grenade, when it explodes, will damage the square it occupies and one square in every direction around the target square--a total circumfrence of around 4.5 meters).

Characters who throw from behind cover are subject to a -2DM on the task throw.

If the task to throw the grenade is successful, then the grenade hits the target square. If the task throw fails, then the grenade will scatter.

Use the scatter diagram located on page 14 of Azhanti High Lightning to determine scatter direction. The distance of the scatter is half of a 2D6 roll.

All damage from a grenade is applied randomly to a target's physical stats.
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