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Old September 12th, 2017, 01:17 PM
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Default Reciprocal of Real Stars in Traveller Space

The "Real Stars in Traveller Space" thread got me thinking about an approach to select candidate real stars to map to traveller stars.

One method would be to optimize parameter differences, and to try it out with an easy set of parameters, I'll try traveller jump distances in parsecs from three systems (Sol, Prometheus, and Barnard's Star) for which real positions are known, and see which real world stars come closest to those distances.

Trying this out with Gashidda (purported to be delta pavonis), about 7, 9 and 8 hex-jumps away from Sol, Prometheus and Barnard respectively.

The most optimum candidate there turns out to be Mu Cassiopeiae.

{{0.564652,\[Mu] Cassiopeiae},{0.564805,Gl 53 B},{0.747833,HIP 7981},{0.776894,NN 3378},{0.902346,HIP 3765},{0.940919,HIP 12781},{0.952008,NN 3417},{1.0561,HIP 12114},{1.05684,Gl 105 B},{1.11813,HIP 101180}}

So that didn't work out well, but just for a sanity check let's try out a closer star, Junction, or Wolf 359 - 2,2, and 3 hex-parsecs from our fiducials.

This time, it worked:
{{0.749244,Wolf 359},{1.35684,Lalande 21185},{1.52722,Luyten 726-8 A},{1.52722,Luyten 726-8 B},{1.69302,HIP 92403},{1.79959,Sirius},{1.79973,Sirius B},{1.83222,Lacaille 9352},{1.9549,HIP 57548},{2.01773,\[Epsilon] Indi}}

I'm guessing that by taking fiducials further apart more accurate candidacy will work out.

Has anyone tried something like this already? How did you approach it?
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