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Play by Post - OOC For Out of Character (OOC) discussion of the in-character threads.

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Old October 30th, 2007, 12:36 AM
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The drop boat lurches as it hits the thin atmosphere and you almost throw up in your helmet. The rest of the squad is strapped into their points near the exit hatches, combat armor automatically camo-matching with the dull gray of the tuna-can's interior. Private Gar across from you is howling excitedly. "Read my mind? Read this! Gonna kill me some Zhos! Yeah!" The boat rolls almost to inversion and the cheap gravity compensators strain, alternately stretching and compressing your guts. The pilots have left the control deck hatch open and you can see past them out the partially shielded window, stars dimming, sky brightening, dull brown horizon rocking back and forth and looming up at ... flashes ... an A gun, rapid-fire plasma, you're being dropped onto an A gun position, whose brilliant idea was this? The Squad Leader yells out "Thirty seconds!" As if on cue the plasma bolts from the A gun stop crossing your field of view and simply loom larger. You cringe in your armor. The swearing pilots lurch the boat down again and the world outside spins crazily. A bolt punches through the thin vehicle armor and into the troop compartment, hitting Private Gavin. His breastplate flies off and burning pieces of him scatter all over the rest of you. You don't look, you're listening to the sound of the boat drives screeching with protest but still on-line hallelujah you're not going to crash yet. Radiation alarm, deal with it later, low air pressure alarm, everyone's faceplate drops and seals, the air supply counter starts up in your helmet: 6:00:00, 5:59:59, 5:59:58, Comms on-line you can hear everyone breathing and gasping as the boat slews hard. Something hits the hull, you see the port bulkhead flex in and warp the deck an engine goes off line oh God sideways flying sideways the cylindrical boat hits the dirt and rolls like a beer bottle before smashing to a stop upside down. Your jaw smacked the inside of your helmet but you're unstrapping and falling down into the overhead and wrenching your weapons from their mounts. Corporal Liigdu and Private Jones are kicking at the remaining functional sliding hatch, it pops open in a cloud of dust and dirt and through the comms the Squad Leader yells "Follow me!" He steps to the opening weapon firing and is promptly hit and down, left arm completely taken off, suit air spewing out into the low pressure atmosphere. Loose on the bent hull you see his armor shoulder piece, emblazoned with the Imperial Starburst, seal of the Emperor and insignia of the Third Grand Empire of the Stars.


This ain't literature, or collaborative writing, or anything else delicate. Here we're gonna fire plasma rifles and throw grenades. So will the enemy. Casualty rates will be high. Slackers will die first. Suck it up.

These are the doings of Second Squad, First Platoon, Company 73 of the Imperial Marines, stationed aboard the Naval Starship Roxanne in the service of the Third Imperium. Well-trained, well-equipped, well-supported, the leadership and tactics are up to you. Rules-lite, lotta free-form. My storyline and your decisions are what will drive this, and how well it'll go or long it'll last is anyone's guess, but no matter what happens you should get a chance to blow up something or at least be blown up yourself. If that sounds like fun then sign in here.

Player character slots are:

(available) (Sgt) Squad Leader
(available) (Pvt) Heavy Weapon Operator
(available) (Pvt) Communications
(available) (Cpl) Team Leader
(available) (Pvt) Rifleman
(available) (Pvt) Rifleman
(available) (Cpl) Team Leader
(available) (Pvt) Rifleman
(available) (Pvt) Rifleman
(available) (PO3) Medic
(available) (PO3) Damage Control Tech
(available) (PO3) Electronics Tech

Squad Leader - leads the squad. Directs actions of the Team Leaders, personally directs the Heavy Weapons Operator. Marine.

Heavy Weapons Operator - carries and operates the FGMP-14 or other weapon at the direction of the Squad Leader. Marine.

Communications - gofer. Handles all communications not personally dealt with by the Squad Leader, supports the Heavy Weapons Operator, acts as a messenger or rear guard as necessary, monitors sensors and communications for information of interest to the squad. Marine.

Team Leader - leads his team into direct combat at the direction of the Squad Leader. Marine.

Rifleman - engages in direct combat at the direction of his Team Leader. Marine.

Medic - provides emergency medical support as necessary. Navy.

Damage Control Tech - specializes in restoration of life support systems, restoration of hull integrity, access/egress, firefighting, and other methods of dealing with damaged starships. Navy.

Electronics Tech - specializes in computer operations and electronics restoration. Navy.

Marine characters are male only. Navy characters may be male or female.

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