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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

View Poll Results: How often have you used published Traveller space combat rules since January 2014?
Never / I've handwaved 99% of space combat. 18 29.51%
Hardly: maybe once or twice. 23 37.70%
Once a quarter / four times a year. 9 14.75%
Every other month / less than 12 times a year. 6 9.84%
Monthly / 12 times a year. 4 6.56%
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Old September 9th, 2020, 03:45 PM
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Condottiere Citizen++Condottiere Citizen++Condottiere Citizen++Condottiere Citizen++

From the design rules I recall from Fire Fusion Steel, make it fast enough to reach the target in one round from launch, maybe two with mid course correction.

Tactically, up the kilt shot or down the throat should split the target.
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Old September 16th, 2020, 04:22 AM
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vegascat Citizen

The sling propelled rock, the original weapon of mass destruction, just ask Goliath.
If you want to figure out real ship to ship combat, join the Navy. Take a good look at the direction naval combat has been going over the last few thousand years.
Weapons used to attack other ships changed from thrown rocks to machine thrown boulders to a battery of explosive thrown balls to larger batteries of explosive thrown exploding balls to shaped explosive projectiles to larger guns with more range trying to penetrate thicker and metal armored sides to single or paired larger guns throwing shells farther and faster to penetrate thicker armor.
Last century, fleets of ships launched aircraft to drop shells on the thin decks to penetrate for maximum damage.
Now missiles are fired from over the horizon by ships or aircraft with large warheads to destroy or disable ships with a single hit. Many ships only carry a single cannon that is used only when all other measures have failed.
Weapons are being developed to increase range, rate of fire, accuracy, and lethality. Throughout the ages, as a new weapon was developed, new defenses were developed just as fast. Electronic warfare is expanding and is a side development used in concert with everything else to multiply effectiveness.
New weapon systems like railguns, lasers, hyper-speed missiles, stealth weapons, guided torpedoes, stealth aircraft, and next decades brain scratchers will all have their day before someone creates a defense.
Trying to knock sense into weapon systems and defenses hundreds or thousands of years from now is an exercise in Science Fiction.
Use the past to get a direction of where things may go. Read some good sci fi stories to see where others have conjectured where things may go. Look at past authors and see where their ideas lead and how accurate they were. Heinlein was about 60 percent correct. He was a high scorer in predictions. H G Wells actually predicted WWI and WWII with accurate dates, but saw only a single conflict without a pause and had a good estimate of future weapons.
Always remember, What is impossible today will be tomorrows boring old tech. When people go to new places, they take their tech with them, spreading it to primitive cultures without a thought. The primitives will want the new magical stuff by trade, theft, or making it themselves. Just remember original Star Trek when Kirk and company found gangster world and found out it was because a previous visit left a book among the creative natives.
What will be out there as groups of Travellers journey among the stars.
The two things we all have in common, we are born of woman, and we will all inevitably die.
Some will have the honor to stand on the line falling while protecting kin and country instead of passing in bed, a pain riddled decayed old husk.
To dare is to live. To dare great things is to be remembered. In the end, Murphy will rule.
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