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Adventurers Tell us your Traveller character stats, skills, and details.

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Old June 30th, 2015, 03:34 PM
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Default new caracter type - deckhand


deckhands are subordinate positions onboard starships. they oversee the cargo bays and interact with the docks in loading and unloading cargo. while they may pick up a few ship skills they tend to be at the lower end of the intelligence spectrum and often are drifters or losers, sometimes even fugitives. the job of deckhand provides a perfect opportunity for runaways to travel and perhaps find a home in space. those who are intelligent may rise to other shipboard positions such as security or engineering. few obtain the necessary training and certification legally to be gunners or pilots.

skill sets for deckhands are limited, and training is almost exclusively on-the-job with no formal classes. as a career niche deckhands often are in indirect competition with gunners mates and on improperly run ships may have conflicts with the gunners.

base skills
vacc suit, 0g, airraft, ground vehicle, cargo

weapons skills
small arms, combatives, blades

ship skills (all lvl 1 only)
mechanical, electrical, laser gunnery, boat pilot

people skills
streetwise, liaison

sample character/tourset
intelligence 8, education 8, thus 4 skill points per tour
tour 1: vacc suit 1, 0g 1, airraft 1, cargo 1
tour 2: mechanic 1, streetwise 1
tour 3: cargo 2, sidearm 1, (1 skill point remaining)

cargo skill
this is the efficient handling of ship's cargo, not just its proper and legal securing and on/off-loading but also all aspects of dealing with the docks. queues and queue manipulation, paperwork and bypassing it, theft prevention (and theft), stowaway and smuggling detection (and stowing/smuggling), cargo-handling equipment (including the operation, but not programming, of computers and robotics), dock gangs, space rats and other transit-seeking organisms, cyber-monitoring (and bypassing it), and all other aspects of dock life. this in no way implies broker or admin or similar skill expertise outside of the docks.
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