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MegaTraveller Discuss of the MegaTraveller ruleset and the Rebellion Milieu

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Old January 11th, 2019, 05:59 PM
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Default The Project - Ripples Through the Imperium

For over 20 years I’ve wondered and wished for an animation showing the spread of information and the beginning of the Rebellion after the assassination of Strephon on 132-1116. An animation that would once and for all prove several of my long held beliefs:
  • Information traveling from Capital to the Solomani Confederation world of Home and back out to the Solomani boarder with orders to start hostilities, would never make it before public word of the assassination would arrive via the X-Boat network. I believe that the Solomani are limited to jump-5 for realistic military communications.
  • It would take years for the Aslans to begin a credible invasion of the Spinward Marches once word of the assassination finally reaches them and they determine that civil war is beginning in the Imperium.
  • That it is physically impossible for the TJ network to get information out faster than the navy courier network. This doesn’t even need a map. Naval couriers have minimal down time between jumps. One courier jumps in system, passes the information to the next couriers which jumps out of system within the hour. “Individual [Imperiallines TJ] ships were assigned a sequence of offices to notify. One ship was assigned to transport a notification to Regina and the Spinward Marches.” [Rebellion Sourcebook p.16] That one ship has to spend time refueling, even if only at a gas giant. Every few jumps that one ship needs to stop at a starport to resupply. That would add days to the trip every few jumps.
So the project begins. I'm creating maps showing the spread of information. Here are my guidelines:
  1. X-Boats go our along established X-Boat lines only, one stop at a time.
  2. The week after X-Boat arrives, Scout/Couriers spread the word to all worlds within two jumps.
  3. Naval couriers are dispatched to all naval bases within jump-6.
  4. Dulinor will take the fastest route to Dlan, avoiding naval bases as needed so as to not be overtaken by the naval couriers. Dulinor’s fleet will not be able to travel quite as fast as the couriers due to the need to stop and resupply from time to time, but may also take the most direct route returning home.

So . . . my first question is, should the systems colored brown below be included in the systems that receive an X-Boat the very first week after the assassination? In other words, should the X-Boat network send a boat to [b]every[b] X-Boat station within jump-4? Second option is to just stick with the route going in order.

Your thoughts?

Just My Thoughts
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