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MegaTraveller Discuss of the MegaTraveller ruleset and the Rebellion Milieu

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Old March 6th, 2018, 09:31 AM
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Default Newbie Questions

I am new to Traveller and had a few questions...

1) I looked into the various editions and I think MegaTraveller may be the best fit, but just to be certain, could you tell me what you like best about MegaTraveller?

2) I heard combat is deadly. That is fine, but I like to have combat in my game (maybe a single fight every session, give or take). Is this a bad fit for Traveller? Is there a way to run it so players can heal and recover from combat in a fairly timely manner (a few days rest, for instance, or maybe a week's bedrest) so it doesn't slow down the adventure too much? The healing rules were a little hard for me to understand, but it seems like you heal about 1 point per characteristic per day, so if the average stat is 7, that would mean minor and superficial wounds should typically be healed in about a week or less, right?

3) Also, how do you assign damage? The books says that damage dice are applied to "one" of the three characteristics, but it just gives guidelines about whether or not to reduce any stat to zero. Does the player get to choose where he takes damage, thus trying to make sure his wounds are superficial or minor? It also seems that if the player can spread out the damage among all three physical characteristics, then he will also heal much faster (since all characteristics heal simultaneously).

4) Also, where are the enemy stats? I couldn't find anything like a "monster manual"... how do I figure out the stats of a pirate or a mercenary or a K'kree warrior? Let's say the players get the jump on a squad of 6 imperial soldiers... do they each have different stats, or are they all identical? Would something like this be appropriate?

Soldier - Hits 3/5, Relevant Skills: Combat Rifleman-1, Bayonet-0, Equipment: ACR 7mm, Mesh

Corporal - Hits 4/5, Relevant Skills: Leader-2, Tactics-1, Submachinegun-1, SMG, Mesh

5) Along the same lines, what is the minimum number of scores I need to describe an enemy for combat? Is the above (hits, skills and weapons/armour) sufficient for a game, and how is it commonly transcribed?
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