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Imperial Interstellar Scout Service Details of the worlds of the Imperium (and beyond).

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Old July 31st, 2018, 10:07 PM
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Default Hawa

I generated the UWP randomly.

I wanted to do a gynarchy or matriarchy of sorts.


Class B starport
1000 miles diameter
Trace atmosphere
10% hydrography
Approx. 1 million inhabitants
Representative Democracy
military weapons prohibited
Tech level 12


Hawa is the icy moon of a gas giant, rich in volatiles. Shallow hyper-saline lakes form on the surface wherever the ice has cracked deeply, spluttering up from the slowly churning interior seas.

The million-odd inhabitants live in a surface city-sized subsurface industrial outpost and habitat originally built for a gas giant fuel mining operation, in the early days of the Third Imperium. A semi-automated surface refinery and star-port anchors the city to the surface.

Two communities share the city-complex: The Abbey and the Laity. The Abbey’s population, accounting for about half the total population of the moon, is entirely female. The Laity has a normal sex ratio. A female total population, the fact that the Abbey holds the title to the complex, and a democratic polity all combine to ensure female dominance of public life. The (all female) Abbey party controls the legislature in coalition with the (both sexes) confraternity-based Lay Workers party.

Men are neither persecuted nor disliked here. They are, however, barred by custom and civil regulations from entering Abbey-occupied sections of the complex without good cause.

Hawans have shown themselves quite keen to expand their rather cramped living space, investing revenue from fuel sales and port fees in subsurface/underwater additions to the complex. Starship scrap gets recycled as building materials.

Organisms geneered to thrive in the cold salt oceans of the inner moon provide a spartan but nutritious diet.

Services/careers on Hawa (not all inclusive)

Native Army characters may belong to the local militia.
For patrol and rescue surface operations the militia uses a fleet of TL 6 mil-surplus ATV/ice crawlers retrofitted with TL 12 tech, including fusion cabin heaters.

Characters from the ‘Other’ service might be disgraced ex-nuns, startown barflies, censors (a sort of vice squad), or even honest laymen-workers, depending on how rolls made the tables guide the player’s development of his character.

Nuns can be Clergy (The Stellar Diocese, author: Michael Brown, Dragon Magazine #101), but other citizen-type services may also fit.

The women and men who harvest the bounty of the cold inner brine-seas and do construction work under the ice mostly belong to the Sailor career (Supp 4)


I won't get detailed about the religion because I want to steer clear of any possible forum rules violations.

But I can discuss structure and some aspects of life in the local culture.

Nearly half a million women and girls is a huge religious community.

In fact, 'the Abbey' consists of multiple adjoining communities with an abbess-of-abbesses set above them all. There are more externs than actual nuns. The externs do all sorts of different practical jobs.
All these women are expected to be chaste and celibate.
Tough, vigilant externs guards the entry points into the convents and patrol the halls, keeping out unauthorized men and contraband.
They carry snub pistols and stun-batons and wear synthetic jack.

The sect does proselytize women from star-ships and other worlds but most of its replacement and growth comes from the use of exo-wombs. Only baby girls are engendered that way (within the Abbey--of course the Laity are allowed the use of exowombs in cases where the mother is experiencing a very dangerous pregnancy). The girls are raised in creches.
They are often naive about men or slightly fearful of them. A number of the young ones run off with starship crewmen and other male travellers every year. Some return. Most don't.
While they are still legal minors they are subject to a curfew and to truancy laws.


Deck plating in the residential areas of Hawa City gives a local 1 g field.

Most of the starport operates at native gravity as well, making loading and unloading massive objects easier.

Industrial zones remain unplated.

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