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Old January 3rd, 2018, 08:52 PM
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Default PLACE: Belgard system 0306 Egyrn / 1106 Trojan Reach

From Adventure 4, Leviathan:
Belgard 0306-D371321-9 M Non-industrial G
The name is probably a corruption of Beauregard (see Library Data). There will be at least one student of Imperial history in the crew who may make this connection. Though a starfaring community, this capability - and other technology -is conducted with obsolete equipment, either much repaired originals or unreliable copies. Actual tech level ability of the world is 6. The community (in one large town with outlying agricultural and ancillary settlements) is known as the Belgardian Sojourn, its origins lost in myth and legend. Other starfaring humans are generally regarded as the 'Enemy'. The Sojourn wishes only to be left alone.
Much of Belgard's natural resources have been ravaged in an unplanned, callous manner, as the Belgardians do not see the planet as their permanent home. However, prime trade goods are animal pelts, precious gems and most importantly, naturally occurring zuchai crystals (see Library Data).

From Library Data in Adventure 4, Leviathan:
Beauregard, Captain Argon Kevin: Generally held to be responsible for the defeat of the Empress Marava in the Battle of Sulgami, 620, by Ivan, who was subsequently proclaimed Emperor. Beauregard was commanding a Fleet Carrier in the Reserve Division when, through enemy action, command of the Division passed to him owing to seniority. When a large force of Ivan's Strike Cruisers broke through the main line, Beauregard jumped his ship to safety and left the Division temporarily leaderless. Marava's position became untenable, and she ordered a wholesale retreat. Beauregard afterward claimed he had undergone a 'religious experience' during the battle, and wisely chose to quit the lmperium before an organized pursuit could be mounted. Though connected with certain acts of piracy along the Outrim, his final destination and fate remain mysteries.

Direct map link.

T5 stats from {-1} (721-5) [1215] PBG=902 Worlds=10 Stellar=K8 V D

Using Deep Space Exploration Handbook (MgT 2) extended system generation. Backed The Rift Kickstarter and happily reading that, wanted to try out its rules somewhere. But fitting the existing data, regarding it as 'already chosen' on the relevant tables there.

Choosing Binary - distant companion as system type to fit with existing data
10 worlds total (existing data) - say 8 around primary and 2 around companion

I am also using a mix of tools to make other calculations, including the MegaTraveller World Builder's Handbook, Artifixian YouTube videos, World Building for Writers, Gamers and Other Creators by Matthew Selznick, all assembled into a spreadsheet I have for this purpose.

Having said this, I shift data points around freely to get the planet as pictured in my head. But doing this gives a (hopefully) more internally consistent picture of a world - shifting one data point shifts others in interesting ways.

For example, I upped the density of the planet deliberately, and shifted the planet out until it was past the point where it would be tidally locked. This makes the world colder - an average of -9 degrees Celsius - but with an equatorial temperature that is more moderate, implying a settlement near the equator.

Primary (K8 V) - using real-world data to get luminosity, mass and radii to make Traveller-relevant calculations.
Luminosity: 0.083
Mass: 0.62
Radii: 0.61 (solar radii)
Radius: 424799 km
Safe Jump point: 84.96 million km / 0.57 AU
HZ = 0.2881 AU
Roche limit = 0.006 AU
Frost Line = 1.40 AU

I followed the Deep Space Handbook in randomly generating the bodies, re-rolling Gas Giant and Planetoid Belt results when all GG's and Belts had been placed.

I randomly generated the distances from the primary by multiplying the AU of the first SGG by a randomly determined value between 1.4 - 2.0 and did likewise for each succeeding body. This gives a picture of travel times between system bodies for wilderness refueling or options to explore elsewhere in the system.

Nature of bodies (K8 V):
Belgard (main world) - 0.46 AU
Small Gas Giant - 0.63 AU
Small Gas Giant - 1.2 AU
Rocky Planet - 1.45 AU
Unusual Body - Super Earth - 2.1 AU
Rocky - 3.27 AU
Rocky - 5.24 AU
Rocky - 10.17 AU
Rocky - 14.85 AU
Rocky - 27.61 AU
Rocky - 39.76 AU
Brown Dwarf - 74.35 AU

Belgard - the world itself
Orbital Period: 144.67 standard days
Diameter: 8640km
Density: 1.06 Earth
Mass: 0.26 Earth
Gravity: 0.66 G
Rotation: 18.35 standard hours
Axial Tilt: 36 degrees
Orbital eccentricity: 0.25
Jump point: inside star jump point - 0.11 AU difference - 11 hours at 4G, 22 hours at 1G
Atmosphere: Standard Oxygen-Nitrogen with Sulfur Compound taint
Pressure: 0.95 Earth
Insolation: 0.39
Energy Absorption (multiplier): 0.811
Greenhouse Effect (multiplier): 1.1
Average Temperature (K): 264
Average Temperature (C): -9
Average Temperature (F): 16
Orbit Eccentricity Modifier (+/-): 8
Equatorial base temperature: 9 C
Temperate base temperature: -9 C
Polar base temperature: -75 C
Daytime plus: +0.5 C
Nighttime minus: -9 C
Resources: Agricultural, Ores, Radioactives, Crystals, Compounds, Agro-products, non-metals
Single settlement as noted
OjnoTheRed's T5 Personals Playing Aide and Rules Variation.

Generate 1,000,001 characters for the Cepheus Engine rules.

Generate a World Map or Star System using the Traveller5 rules.
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Old February 16th, 2018, 11:36 AM
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Popping in to say keep up the good work! Very detailed stuff you've got going, concise reports as well. Reads almost like what a ship's log should be.
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Old March 26th, 2018, 05:32 PM
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Default Following and enjoying!

I'm enjoying reading your written-up exploits and also enjoying how you are explaining your rationale and mechanics as you go. Thanks for posting what you have and I am looking forward to seeing what else happens! :-)
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Old March 31st, 2018, 08:41 AM
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Default Episode 6 - Jump to 0507 (Ganulph system)

Jump 084-1107 to 091-1107
Inaccurate - arrived 1D = 5 days out from Inner System (= Ganulph as target). At Leviathan's 4G that is about 12AU away from the star. Between the 8th and 9th objects listed in the system layout (see next post).

To avoid a bad reaction 8+. Roll: 8. No bad reaction during Jump.

Possibly a puzzle planet - but basically a radioactive wasteland. Two tasks: explore radioactivity rules about safe limits and exposure and whether it is worth exploring. Map the system.

Radiation: Nuclear missile hits against personal combat scale targets (p. 161 CE Rules) result in 2d6 x 50 damage plus 4d6x10 rads. The average 350 points of damage will easily kill even highly armoured humans. The average rads of 140 will take a human immediately into 1d6 damage every 1d6 weeks until an Endurance check is passed with DM+1. Ruling that the entire planet is High Level radioactive (6D6 rads/hour). The average of 21 rads/hour is dangerous to all long term health, putting a character into moderate levels of radiation exposure within a day or so even with Vacc suit protection.

I am ruling the Ship's Locker only has one hostile environment suit, not enough to send a reasonable away-party.

Scan from orbit will have to do.

Arrived in Ganulphy Orbti 091-1107.
Starship encounter (Leviathan adventure rules): roll 2D = 5 - 4 = 1 (-DM because of X class starport). No ship encounter.

Ship takes a hit because of inaccurate jump - loses a Hull Point.

Kuga asks the purser to do a supply audit. After subtracting 10 tons for 3 months' use, and 2 tons for what was destroyed in the inaccurate jump, there is now 10 weeks left. Assuming 1-week jump and 1-week in-system remaining in the tour. Remaining on the tour: 0508, 0808, 0805, back to Bantrel and Berengaria. Ship can resupply at Bantrel so long as there are no complications. 1-week in current system, plus 6 weeks in remaining unknown systems, plus 1 week jump back to Bantrel before resupplying leaves a 2-week margin on supplies. Acceptable but maybe cutting it fine. One inaccurate jump could change the situation.

Scan of system:
Difficult (-2). Navigation or Comms. 1-6 hours.
Roll 9 - 2 + 2 (skill) = 9 success. 2 hours.

System contents revealed. Uninhabited system.

Leviathan's position: 12AU out from the primary
Ganulph: 0.2 AU from the primary - actual range - 12.16 AU (5 days)
Small Gas Giant: 1.75AU from primary - actual range - 10.6 AU (4 days, 15 hours)
8th body (7.60 AU - X521000-0) - actual range - 15.04 AU (5 days 13 hours)
9th body (14.5 AU - X8B5000-0) - actual range - 21.7 AU (6 days 13 hours)

This uninhabited system was offering no events or drama. So what do we do? We roll on a random table, of course!

A strange virus has hit the crew! Is there a cure? Where has it come from?
Disease profile: possibly lethal if untreated.

Disease=mystery virus; DM +2; Damage 1D6+5; interval 2D6 days. Say 50% of the crew have it; roll 4+ on 1D for each crew member.

BAD REACTION: Come to a barren system, 5 days away from refueling and jumping out, no prospect of planet-side time, and now there is a virus.

Many crew have not been planet-side since Gollere. Roll 10+ to avoid a bad reaction. Roll=10. Bad reaction avoided!

Reading the crew and understanding the tense situation, the First Officers and Captain all stood tall and concentrated on modelling good conduct to the crew, who held their collective nerve as a result. Camaraderie has developed from the adventures so far, including working together well in the ship combat, and all First Officers have developed the respect of their teams. Since her injury, the crew have become protective of their captain, fueling their loyalty.

Used to produce a disease description which I modified:

Name: Aporica Scophurea (initially unknown when it breaks out among the crew)
Possible symptoms:
- breathing difficulty
- nausea
- sneezing
- joint swelling (uncommon)
What to expect: breathing difficulty and nausea slowly increase in severity over a few days, but rarely are both experienced at once. After the initial onset, breathing difficulty often increases in intensity. Around this time sneezing is experienced by almost all cases.
The experience of sneezing often subdues the severity of the experience of nausea.
Throughout the course of the disease, joint swelling may be experienced, but only in extreme cases and is usually only experienced faintly.
Cause: Infection, fluid contact transmission. In a given week, when infectious, the virus has a 50% chance of being passed onto anyone who has been in physical contact, 10% if within the same room. Reduce both chances to 5% and 1% if precautions taken. Initially 50% of the crew infected in Jump and then symptoms started appearing in system.
Made worse by: Excess vitamins. Alcohol.
Treatment: Medication routine - anti-virals.
Rarity: Very rare disease originating from Belgard. It is a virus that infects insects that cling to the carnivore that attacked and killed Dilip. It was brought on board with the speciman of one of the creatures that was found. .

Of the crew, 29 are not infected, 7 have mild symptoms, 20 have serious symptoms (Endurance reduced to zero) and 2 have severe symptoms (2 characteristics reduced to zero). Lots of dice rolling and checks to work this out - had to spreadsheet the crew.

The plan:
On advice from the surgeon, Kuga gives the order to quarantine those infected. All medical personnel who are infected are to work within the quarantine zone, other non-infected staff are to conduct research and supply assistance from outside.

The rear of C and D decks is now the quarantine area for all personnel showing symptoms. Drive rooms will be off-limits to infected personnel and only accessed via E deck, accessing C and D decks via vertical shafts in the drive area.

D deck is chosen because that is the medical dispensary. Personnel are to drag and carry mattresses and other bedding. Non-infected personnel will help, and must risk infection with some contact. But all will be wearing filter masks from ship's locker to minimise chance of infection. The two crew showing severe symptoms will be carried and laid out (unconscious) and attended to first.

Owner's Suit on C Deck is to be converted into a research point where the specialists can assist medical personnel in researching the disease.

The aim is to quarantine everyone showing symptoms without more personnel being infected.

Solid (8+); Dangerous - things going wrong and injury represent infection spreading.
DM +1 for Ship's Surgeon being able to assist (mild symptoms only) and having Medical-3; DM +1 for suitable equipment being available. Roll was an 8, plus 2 = 10; the plan succeeded.

Consequences: Rolled 8 again; no bad consequence, and a good consequence. Deciding that one of the specialists with Life Science skills notices what appears to be minor insect bites of some kind on many, but not all, of the infected patients. All infected crew quarantined without spreading further infection.

In the meantime: course set for the Small Gas Giant on the way to Ganulph. Will make orbit around the SGG and then decide on possible refueling operations or approach to inner system. Bridge to be supervised by one Officer of the Watch, rotating between PC: Sarah Evans (Pilot) [1st Officer], Crew: Abram Khanna (Navigator) [2nd Officer], Crew: Baroness Soo-Jung Marshall (Shuttle Pilot) [2nd Officer] and Crew: Ponon Otaspish (Tubes Officer) [3rd Officer] Adding the 3rd officer to the 24-hour gives some 'give' in the 24-hour shifts.

Engineering team are mostly intact - ship can be kept running with the support of the two Engineers for the small craft. Engineering team organise systematic disinfection of the ship and small craft.

Inside the quarantine area, Nikhil (Ship's surgeon) works on patient care, and liases with Jezebel Singh who is using the improvised lab to work on discovering more about the virus. Harry Aa is too sick to work.
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Default Episode 6 - continued

To find the general nature and properties of the virus (chain task):
Difficult(-2), EDU, Life Sciences or Medicine, 1-6 Days

Team are going to work with hours rather than days, giving a DM-1. Applying best EDU mod (+2), and the best Life Sciences (+3) or Medicine score (+3). Working co-operatively compensates for both of this research team being partly affected by symptoms.

Total DM: -2 (difficult) -1 (hasty) +2 (EDU) +3 (skill) = +2.
Roll: 10+2 = success! (Effect +4)
Time: 4 hours.

To develop a cure based on properties of the virus (chain task):
Difficult(-2), EDU, Life Sciences or Medicine, 1-6 Days

Same rules for co-operation, with +4 for Effect of previous result. Hugely beneficial analysis greatly helps the cure. Still working hastily because they are mindful of the critically ill patients whose symptoms might worsen in as little as 2 days. Total DM now +6. The effect of this check will be used as a +DM for a special Endurance check for each patient. Success will mean the patient starts to recover at normal healing rates.

Total DM: -2 (difficult) -1 (hasty) +2 (EDU) +3 (skill) +4 (effect of previous task) = +6
Roll:8+6=14 - Effect +6.

Special Endurance check for all crew - all crew except for Crew: Levi Palani (Computer Operator) [4th Officer] pass the check.

Symptoms abate within 2D roll = 7 days. Healing starts from then. Most of the crew need full bed-rest.

Recuperation is a massive logistical exercise. Natural healing is at 1D6 per day plus Endurance DM (currently -2 for most patients) if fully resting. Need medical supervision to add medical skill.

Levi Palani remains quarantined in sick bay (Deck D 23a). Other crew are resting in their quarters to recover, but under supervision of medical staff.

Uninfected crew with Medicine skill:
Priya Ghosh (Medicine-0)
Abel Glanz (Medicine-0)
Divya Kalra (Medicine-1)
Sarah Evans (Medicine-2)*
Rumon Ghoshal (Medicine-1)
Margery Patil (Medicine-1)
Abram Khanna (Medicine-1)*
Sharanya Bhoot (Medicine-1)
John Chun (Medicine-1)
Rachel Poskaa (Medicine-1)

Sarah Evans stood tall to lead an improvised care team for all recovering crew. Priya Ghosh and Abel Glanz thanked but put to work with Fidelia Misra

Sarah and Abram need to be replaced on Officer of the Watch duties to supervise ship course. Vasudev Zaminder is one replacement (Navigation-2 skill is relevant). Kuga herself will take another shift. Kuga will also work her two other 6-hour shifts checking in on the medical teams and the engineers and liaising with Phan-li who is giving her the administrative information needed to form these improvised teams.

Fidelia Misra stepped up as food and laundry superviser. Abel Glanz and Priya Ghosh asked to work with her. Reactions: Abel - Friendly; Priya - Guarded. While Abel showed a willingness to help wherever needed in this time of ship crisis, Priya resented helping out with menial work.

Bridge and leadership (6-hour shifts, one Officer of the Watch):
... assisted by Nagda as liaison with recovering Phan-li

Engineer (4-hour staggered shifts, two on at any one time):
Sanders (acting Chief Engineer)
Amessun Bhoot

General Care: (food, laundry, cleaning) (6-hour staggered shifts)
Misra (team lead)
Guchu Sharma
Eli Sharma

Medical (4 or 5 patients each, only down time is when patients are sleeping. General care team helps with menial and manual labour).
Sarah Evans (Medicine-2) (team lead)
Divya Kalra (Medicine-1)
Rumon Ghoshal (Medicine-1)
Margery Patil (Medicine-1)
Abram Khanna (Medicine-1)*
Sharanya Bhoot (Medicine-1)
John Chun (Medicine-1)
Rachel Poskaa (Medicine-1)

Takes all of 091-1107 to quarantine infected crew, develop cure and administer the improvised vaccines.

Takes all of 092-1107 to return recovering crew to quarters and organise improvised care teams from non-infected crew.

Arrive at the Small Gas Giant as planned on 095-1107. The ship goes into orbit.

On 099-1107 the symptoms of all crew begin to abate except Levi Palani who remains in the ships' medical area.

Roll for a bad reaction: roll 10+ (crew is under a LOT of pressure). Roll: 7. Phan-li is randomly chosen and the result is "looses temper". Phan-li really lets everyone have it with both barrels - blaiming crew for bringing that stupid flea-bitten animal corpse onto the ship, blaming the surgeon for getting sick so that she can't have the best medical care, hounding the administrative assistant for every last mistake she makes, telling Kuga to her face (in front of several crew) that she has made severe misjudgements in the course of this cruise and she will be letting 'everyone know' back at BT. Then hits the wall-stud to her room so hard she hurts her hand. The door closes softly, efficiently and quietly so she kicks it several times, now hurting her foot.

Kuga is smart enough to know it's just the pressure and avoids the temptation to take any of it personally although she smarts at being screamed at by a former lover when she has been in command of a light cruiser and seen naval action against pirates. Kuga reflects that she had been fantasising that the team-work needed between a CO and XO might have reignited a lover's connection between her an Phan-li, but this latest outburst reminds her of why it wasn't so hard to leave Phan-li and join the Navy. She looks at Reita (admin assistant's) reaction and can see shock (as expected from a younger crew member when a senior member loses it) but also the beginnings of a fall in respect. Kuga leads Reita back down the corridor towards the bridge and keeps on with the list of tasks.

102-1107 After 3 days, all crew are fully recovered except for Lev Pavlani who remains in a weak condition in the sick bay. As crew become progressively well over these three days, the ship is put back to normal.

Lev Pavlani must roll another 2D for disease interval - rolls a '12', so must make an Endurance check at 103-1107. With bed rest he recovers the damage from the virus but is still infected; he has not responded to the anti-virals. On 103-1107 he makes another Endurance check (without +mod for anti-virals): rolls a '9' (8+ needed with current Endurance Mod of +0 because of bed rest recovering his endurance). He shakes off the virus on his own and is pronounced well.

103-1107 Kuga calls a dinner for all crew to celebrate recovery from the virus and to congratulate the outstanding performance of the medical team, discipline of the crew under pressure, and the leadership displayed by the First Officers. A long table is improvised in the cargo hold. Kuga herself relieves the stewards who are serving staff so that they can sit down and enjoy a meal, in particular Fidelia Misra who's Steward talents came out. The gesture is noticed by the crew.

Phan-li is ashamed and is too embarrassed to come out of her cabin. Kuga considers how to handle this and decides to simply order her to the bridge to conduct her duties, and then not make a big deal of it, but assign her something appropriate to her duties as XO. Grateful to hide behind orders, Phan-li comes out and gets about her duties. It is evident the crew won't meet her eye but no open disrespect is shown.

System Survey
104-1107 - a 9-hour search reveals 3 survey targets:
1) High-Speed winds on the Gas Giant they are now orbiting
2) Fine and deep dust on Ganulph
3) Seasonal sinkholes on Ganulph

Probe drones sent into the Gas Giant to survey the high winds. The plan is for a 12-hour survey, gathering sensor data measuring wind speed, atmospheric composition, radiation and other planetary data for analysis to pass to the specialist team. Problem with survey: "A scientific puzzle must be solved before the survey can be completed."

To gather sensor data sufficient for scientific analysis (chain task):
Difficult (-2), Comms, EDU, 1-6 hours
Kuga herself works on this task. Roll: 7 -2 (difficulty) +2 (skill) +2 (EDU Mod) = 9 (-1 effect)
Six hours, and the data obtained is not great, but passed for analysis anyway.

To solve the puzzle of the high speed winds based on returned sensor data:
Difficult(-2), EDU, Physical Sciences, 1-6 hours
Priya Ghosh works on this task. Roll 11 -2 (difficulty) +4(skill) +0 (EDU Mod) -1 (chain task) = 12 - Success!

The survey discovers interesting interactions between the sun and this gas giant that cause electrical storms and aurora that have a chaos-theory style impact across it. They also discover that the winds could be used, in theory, to assist with collecting resources into collectors. 5 Survey Points obtained.

Refueling operations at the Gas Giant take a further 25 hours including refining the fuel (tanks were about half empty from last Jump-2).

Travel to Ganulph takes another half-day.

106-1107 - in orbit around Ganulph. Two probe drones sent to the two areas of survey interest. The probe drones confirm the general high radioactivity. Each probe has a limited life on this high-radioactive world. Both are planned for 12 hours.

Fine and Deep Dust survey - sensors or the radio malfunctions on the probe due to the dust contaminating the probe or the high radioactivity.

To overcome dust or radioactivity problems with the probe:
Average (+0), Comms, EDU, 1-6 hours
Adarsh Chaudry: 9 + 1 (skill) +0 (EDU Mod) = 10, success!
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Default Episode 6 - continued (last part)

Survey points - 6 survey points obtained. The fine radioactive dust is obviously settled fall-out from a nuclear device. The sensor readings obtained by Adarsh and analysed by the specialists point to a massive spread of nuclear missiles exploded underground, throwing up millions of tons of fine powder, made highly radioactive by a nuclear explosion.

Kuga Parikh, although a relatively senior officer in the Imperial Navy, was in service at the coreward end of the Spinward Marches and does not know the history of the Maneuvre of Ganulph. However, this is a major clue that something went seriously wrong - the level of dust on the surface indicates all the explosions were underground and so not caused by a spread of nuclear missiles from a hostile force.

Seasonal sinkholes survey - some of the survey gear needs to be shifted by brute force (Strength check). This result does not make sense for a remote drone survey. I am going to rule that the probe encountered an obstacle that would require a human to intervene to get it out, e.g. it got stuck in a crevice in the sink-hole. This will count as a 'failed skill check' for survey points. It also extended the survey time to 24 hours as the rotating bridge crew attempted to try various ways of getting the probe up and running without success.

Survey points: 6 - 2 (for unresolved problem) = 4. The sink holes are part of the puzzle of the massive series of underground nuclear explosions - some of the massive caverns have filled with the fine silt of the fallout from the explosions. They add to the general clues that there was a string of massive underground nuclear explosions.

107-1107 Leviathan leaves orbit of Ganulph, heading out to Jump point. 14-hour journey because Ganulph is inside the safe jump point of the star.

108-1107 Jump to 0508.

To create a Jump Plot:
Easy (+4), Navigator, 1D6 kiloseconds
DM -1 for Jump Distance.
Roll: 12 + 4 - 1 = 15 - plot calculated in 4 kiloseconds (just over an hour).

To divert power to the Jump Drive:
Average (+0), Engineer, Edu, 10-60 seconds
Using Chief Engineer's stats: Engineering-2, Edu Mod +1
Using caution - going from 10-60 seconds (approximately 1D6 6-second combat rounds) to 1-6 hours, giving a +2 Mod.
Roll: 7 + 2 (skill) +1 (EDU Mod) +2 (caution) = 12 - effect +4

Jump roll:
2 + 4 = 6 - inaccurate jump
Jump time: 6D6 = 20 + 148 = 168 hours (1 week)
Damage: single Hull point hit.

Arrive at 0508 on 115-1107
OjnoTheRed's T5 Personals Playing Aide and Rules Variation.

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Generate a World Map or Star System using the Traveller5 rules.
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Default Ganulph (0507) system details

From Adventure 4: Leviathan
Ganulph 0507-X500000 0 Non-industrial G
This world was originally inhabited by a society that had attained tech level 5. During the Fourth Frontier War, it was garrisoned by Imperial Marines as an advanced base, including a major munitions store. In early 1084 all life on the planet, and its atmospheric envelope, was destroyed in the Manoeuvre of Ganulph (see Library Data). The Marine commander was posthumously court-martialled. The planet is now completely valueless and still highly radioactive.

From Adventure 4: Leviathan, Library Data
Ganulf, Manoeuvre of, 1084: Important Note- Restricted to Naval Files only. In early 1084 during the Fourth Frontier War, lmperial forces assigned to the Egyrn subsector were drawn into a long series of skirmishes in the vicinity of Walei (0102) and Nabeth (0402). The reason for these became clear when a Zhodani task force arrived over Ganulf (0407) and overwhelmed the solitary guardship, the Light Cruiser Alchemda.
The Imperial resupply base with its small marine garrison held out for a short time, but eventually a spread of missiles penetrated a munitions storage silo, causing an immense nuclear explosion and sympathetic detonations in other storage areas.In the increasing convulsions that followed, Ganulf lost its thin atmospheric envelope and all life on the planet became extinct.
Munitions at the base included certain experimental weapons, and the subsequent court of enquiry laid the blame on the logistics staff for inadequate storage safeguards.

High Level Radioactivity
Characters on the surface suffer 6D6 Rads/Hour. This will mean a character has received a moderate dosage within a day or so, even with Vacc Suit protection. Scan from orbit will have to do.

System creation
T5 Data from
Ganulph X500000-0 Ba Va Fo {-3} (200-5) [0000] PBG=011 Worlds=9 Stellar=M3 V

Leaving at size 5 per data as it makes more sense given the planet's recent history.

Using Deep Space Exploration Handbook (Mongoose)

Stars - one primary M3 V
9 planetary bodies plus one gas giant and one planetoid belt - 11 total
All planets have no population.
Spacing the planets by putting in Ganulph into the notional 'habitable' zone and then multiplying inwards and outwards by randomly determined multipliers between 1.4 and 2.0.

Overall, Ganulph is a tidally locked uninhabitable vacuum world. The history in Adventure 4 says that the atmosphere was blown away in the disaster of the maneuver of Ganulph. As the world was tidally locked close to a red dwarf that has high solar flare activity, the planet's hold on its atmosphere would have been under pressure from it's sun anyway, and the nuclear explosions would have rippled through the atmosphere, adding to that pressure. The atmosphere would not have disappeared immediately, but have been a growing crisis for the planet as atmosphere being caught in the solar wind would have dragged more atmosphere with it until a runaway effect saw the last tendrils of atmosphere disappear after several local years.

Celestial Bodies in the Ganulph system
Primary M3 V
0.084 AU - Rocky - X100000-0 - Hot Zone
0.122 AU - Planetoid Belt - X000000-0 - Hot Zone
0.200 AU - Ganulph - X500000-0 ("Habitable" zone - 0.2 AU)
0.558 AU - X120000-0 - Frozen Zone
1.750 AU - Small Gas Giant - SGG - Frozen Zone
2.746 AU - Rocky - X6A6000-0 - Frozen Zone
5.14 AU - Rocky - X200000-0 - Frozen Zone
7.60 AU - Rocky - X521000-0 - Frozen Zone
14.5 AU - Rocky - X8B5000-0 - Frozen Zone
23 AU - Rocky - X400000-0 - Frozen Zone
43 AU - Rocky - X635000-0 - Frozen Zone
68 AU - Rocky - x334000-0 - Frozen Zone

World details - Ganulph (using a homebrew variation of the MegaTraveller World Builders' Handbook)
Orbit Details
Distance (AU): 0.2
Orbital Zone (I / H / O): H
Orbital Period (Standard Years): 0.142
Orbital Period (Standard Days): 52.03

Size and Orbit Details
Diameter (km): 7360
Density Type: Molten Core
Density (Earths): 0.96
Mass (Earths): 0.23
Gravity: 0.6G
Tidally locked? Yes
Jump Point: 25980000
Travel time @1G (hours): 14.3

Atmosphere Details
Composition: None
Pressure Range: None
Pressure (Earth Atmospheres): 0
Insolation: 0.77
Energy Absorption (multiplier): 0.9
Greenhouse Effect (multiplier): 1
Average Temperature (K): 315
Average Temperature (C): 42
Average Temperature (F): 108
Orbit Eccentricity Modifier (+/-): 0

Day / Night Temperatures
Rotation Luminosity Factor: 0.068799164
Daytime Plus (C): 1.34
Absolute Daytime Plus (C): 2
Nightime Minus (C): 389.71
Absolute Nighttime Minus (C): 252
Average Day (C): 43
Average Night (C): -210

As Ganulph is tidally locked, the Absolute day and night temperates apply: the daytime side is at 44C and the nighttime is at -212C.

Hydrosphere Details
Composition: None - no surface water or ices.
Notable Volcanoes: 4
Natural Resources: radioactives, crystals, compounds
OjnoTheRed's T5 Personals Playing Aide and Rules Variation.

Generate 1,000,001 characters for the Cepheus Engine rules.

Generate a World Map or Star System using the Traveller5 rules.
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Orr Citizen

This is great! Thanks for sharing it.
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Really enjoying the eventful times for this crew! The fractious relationships at the top and the Captain employing a good common touch to steady things; the disease outbreak getting in there and causing problems; I love how you are using the various SOLO processes to help the story along. Watching and learning :-)
Keep the Flame
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