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Adventurers Tell us your Traveller character stats, skills, and details.

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Old June 20th, 2008, 01:23 AM
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Default Blade Master

Just rolled this character tonight using MGT. The first character died in their 3rd term (yes, I use the Iron Man option) threw out the second character when the characteristics roll was 364547 then threw this:
================================================== =
Admiral Francisca Jane Mckee, Adjutant of the Regina Fleet
Initial characteristics 7B9A95
Final characteristics 6A9DAE Age 46
Navy Line Officer 7 terms, O6 Admiral
Original Homeworld: Alell B46789C A

Melee(Blade)-5, Admin-2, Tactics(Naval)-2, Comms-2, Pilot(Space)-2, Pilot(small)-1, Vacc Suit-1, Zero G-1, Leadership-2, Diplomacy-1, Melee(unarmed)-1, Gamble-1, Gun(slug pistol)-1, Astrogation-1, Mechanic 0, Gunner-0, Carouse-0, Computer-0, Drive-0, Medic-0

Muster out with a cutlass, a ships boat, and 25,000

McKee is dedicated to her career and the Imperium. Any personal time she has is usually spent training and practicing her Blade skills. Superiors she is close to call her Mack in private and the few members of her scattered family she is still in contact with call her Frankie. Superiors and subordinates both respect McKee and she is always there for them but she has no close friends or any romantic relationships.

Mckee plans her leave around tournaments and if all the trophies are an indicator, Frans' agility and cunning have helped her become one of the best Bladesmen in the subsector.
================================================== =
Detailed Background skills:
Homeworld, rich: Carouse
Education: Computer, Drive, Medic

Detailed skills: 7 terms for 7 skills, Rank: Commission and 5 promotions including 3 automatic skills for 9 skills, 3 events generated skills, 3 skills when mustering out, 1 skill instead of skill package (solo generation option). Total of 23 skills.

Detailed stat changes: -1 str and -1 dex from aging, +1 Int three times on muster table, +1 Edu on muster table, Social 12 when made Admiral, +2 social on muster table

Detailed Mustering: 7 for terms, 3 for rank, one for gambling Term 2 event, one for Term 5 event
+1 int, cutlass, ships boat, +1 int, Blade skill, +2 soc, +1 Int, $5,000, $20,000, ships boat, Blade skill, +1 Edu

Detailed Events:
Term 1: 6 - Notable military engagement. Took Pilot 1 skill.
Term 2: 3 - Gamble and win. Took Gamble 1 and get one extra benefit roll.
Term 3: 8 - Diplomatic Mission. Took Diplomacy 1.
Term 4: 10 - Opportunity to abuse position. Refuse.
Term 5: 10 - Opportunity to abuse position. Come on, had to accept after rolling it twice in a row. Get one extra benefit roll.
Term 6: 4 - Special assignment. +1 to any Benefit roll.
Term 7: 7 - Life event 8 - Betrayed by friend

Side note: The name comes from Fran McKee; do a search.

Last edited by CosmicGamer; July 10th, 2008 at 10:16 PM.. Reason: Updating with additional info - this will be ongoing
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