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Old July 7th, 2015, 12:12 AM
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Default [CT Only] atpollard's PbP Traveller (Chapter 7B) Doc & Robert

[CT Only] atpollard's PbP Traveller (The story so far ...)

Originally Posted by atpollard View Post
[Day 6 - 11:45 PM:] (University Heights - The Street Outside Doc's Apartment)
"I promise." She whispered softly, smiled mischievously and suddenly it was her turn to hold you tightly and kiss you passionately. "Til tomorrow."
Reaction roll ... Natalie goes from "Interested" [8] to "Responsive" [10] ... I guess she likes you.
[Day 7: 6:30 AM Local Time - Hagfors (University Heights - Doc's Apartment) - Doc]
Doc woke to the sound of his alarm, instantly awake. Even late nights and early mornings couldn't alter his Navy programming ... When the arm sounded, Doc hit the ground running. Natalie would be arriving in exactly one hour ... Doc smiled ... That is, If she is on time.

A quick retinal scan and the DataWall confirmed that both of your patients were doing fine and, this time, Natalie appeared to be running about 5 minutes ahead of schedule. She arrived at precisely 7:25 AM and Doc climbed into her transport. As she drove, she seemed more excited than usual. "We need to make a quick stop. I just got word that my black market meds arrived and were delivered to the house, so we'll swing by and grab them on the way to the clinic."

At 7:50 AM you arrived in an old but well maintained neighborhood full of large, old and well maintained houses. You drove up the driveway leading to a particularly large, particularly old and particularly well maintained house. At first guess, you would estimate the house to have ten or twelve bedrooms and more than 2000 square meters of floor area spread among three stories. Another 4000 square meters of formal gardens surrounded the house.

"Come on inside." she said as the transport stopped. Doc was slightly reluctant, but was unable to resist as she led you by the hand through a side door, through some sort of marble reception room and to a large set of double doors that swiftly and silently parted at her approach. For an instant, Doc froze in his tracks, even as his mind raced, his body was unable to move. Before you was a conference table surrounded by almost a score of Greycoats and Biter Navy Officers. You were not fully familiar with all of the nuances of Biter Naval Insignia, but two things were instantly identifiable ... these were full on active Navy Officers, no retired or reserves, and the lowest rank in that room, except for you, was a Lieutenant Commander. Natalie ran up and hugged a Task Force Commander, "Mother called and said that my package had arrived?" The man pointed to a large, plain package on a table in the corner. Natalie quickly snatched up the package and began to open it, just enough to verify the contents were undamaged.

A Greycoat, probably some sort of officer from his insignia, walks up and places a hand on the package, "More Black Market Drugs? You really shouldn't be dealing with those unsavory types. It isn't wise or safe."

"If the regular market wasn't always out of vital drugs, then I wouldn't need to resort to using the Black Market. When will you do something about that?" responded Natalie.

"That will be enough of that." interrupted the Task Force Commander. "Gentlemen, I apologize for my daughter. Her heart is in the right place, but for all her intelligence, I sometimes wonder if she has any common sense."

Natalie was both stung and contrite following the rebuke, but unrepentant and softly responded "Noblesse oblige, Father. You taught me that our position carries with it the responsibility to do things that are hard, because they are hard. We are to serve and protect Biter against all enemies, both within and without. How can you, of all people, condemn me for waging a relentless war against poverty and sickness and neglect and even death itself using all of the resources at my disposal? Can you not see that I do no less than simply carry on the family business using My skills and My resources and the tools at My disposal? I do what we have always done. What we shall always do. I serve and protect the people of Biter."

One of the Greycoats opened the package, removed a small device from his pocket, printed a small tag, and slapped it on the package. "There, now your package is legal. You won't need to sneak it past any checkpoints."

Natalie thanked him, took her package of black market drugs and left with Doc in tow.

As you drove off, Doc pondered two things. First, you recognized those drugs ... Patrick had been manufacturing them at Ingalil's farm and you helped transport them on the Mega-Crawler. Second, while a Doctor would never realize it, a Navy Engineer knows Fleet Deployment plans and schedules when he sees them spread across a conference table.

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