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Old November 14th, 2013, 07:04 PM
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Default A Traveller Love Story

Was talking to an old friend today, and the discussion wandered to game mechanics. One of the things I love about CT came up--how smooth it plays.

It's been a while since I've run a CT game (any Traveller game), but I remember a moment out of the last time very clearly. I was basically introducing Traveller to some new players. I pulled out the Traveller Adventure because I knew it well. We only played about three sessions--that's all we had planned. I just ran the game off the cuff. In those three sessions, we never left Leedor. The entire length of all three sessions took place in that cavern-city.

There had been a bar fight. I had four players, and I threw in a couple of NPCs--not planned. It just happened as the game progressed. There was no plan. There was no story for the players to discover. I put them through Traveller chargen, and had each of them muster out in Leedor. Then, I simply asked them, "What do you want to do?"

The game followed where the characters went. I ad-libbed and played off the player's decisions.

I love playing like that sometimes. No plan. No script. No pre-set "adventure". Totally open. What do you want to do--and we go that way. I make up stuff as we go.

I think CT is really suited for this type of play.

If I need an NPC, I make him up. If I need stats for that NPC, I know that human average is stat-7. I'll tailor the stats to what I've established already with my play and description. If I want to "discover" and NPC, then I'll roll 2D randomly and let that be his stat. If I've established a muscle bound NPC, I'll probably just pick the NPC's STR rating, but if I still want to roll randomly, I'll throw 1D + 6, or something like that. Maybe I'll roll 3D -3, to get a fairly average to high throw.

I love how you can do this in CT. Just make up what you need, on the spot, very easily.

As for skill, if the NPC has any, it's probably Skill-1. If the character is a true professional or expert, it will be Skill-3. This goes along with the previous description--what we already know about the NPC.

Heck, I even use 1001 Characters, or one from Citizens of the Imperium. Or, even, Veterans.

It just depends on the need. I don't create a complete character if I only need to know his DEX and weapon skill. I might just give the character a weapon then give him a DEX that is in the neutral zone where he doesn't get an Advantageous DM but not a penalty DM, either.

Boom. Boom. NPCs are easy.

I love CT.

I think it's the easiest RPG that I have ever had the pleasure to Ref.
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