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Old January 14th, 2019, 09:01 PM
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Default Formatting marks in the Wet Navy Design Rules on BARD

On BARD, there are Wet Navy Design Rules from Terry. It looks like they're mildly adapted from his Challenge articles providing rules for Mega. However, it also looks like when it was copied from the software he was using to whatever BARD uses, some formatting hiccups slipped in. I think I've figured them out, but I'd appreciate any input from people with more familiarity with Terry's work before I save a personal copy for tinkering.

(Hull Volume) x (Wgt Modifier) x (thickness in cm)3D True Wgt
I've figured this one out; wherever "3D" appears, it's supposed to be "=".

5. Note the hull's volume in cubic meters from the Fire, Fusion & Steel Hull Size table.

6. Determine the hull type.20

7. Multiply the hull's displacement tonnage by the
I think this might be a page break? Anyone have any better ideas?

Hull Type Resistance % of Hull Price
Displacing Modifier

Deep Displacement 0.9 90% 0.75
Parallel Displacement 0.7 75% 0.85
Curved Displacement 0.5 50% 1.00
Planing 0.3 30% 1.10=09
Hydrofoil (at speed) 0.1 10% 1.50=09
Submerged submersible 0.9 100% 1.50=09
Surfaced submersible 0.5 80% 1.50=09
Submerged submarine 0.3 100% 2.00=09
Surface submarine 1.0 90% 2.00=09
I'm not sure what these are. I thought they might be asterisks, but the symbol reappears in a later table that doesn't have asterisks involved.

The result is the weight of the fluid displaced by the hull.20

9. Compare the weight of the hull with the weight of the displaced fluid. If the fluid weighs more, the vessel will float, if the vessel weighs more, it will sink. In that case, build a larger hull or choose a lighter hull material.
Another 20 in the middle of the text.

Calculate hull resistance-- Use the formula R=3D(=C3WD) x rf where =C3WD is the square root of the hull's displacement multiplied by the percentage of the hull actually in the water and rf is the hull resistance factor found with each hull type in the Hull Types table. The result is R: hull resistance.
If I'm reading this correctly, "=C3WD" should be sqrt(WD) where W is "% of hull displacing fluid" from the Hull Type Table and D is displacement, and the result of that calculation should be multiplied by "resistance" from the Hull Type Table. Also, the 3D is probably a duplicate =

Calculate power needed to reach design speed with fully loaded hull-- Do this with the formula P=3D(RV^2/2)where P is power in kilowatts, R is the hull's resistance calculated in the previous step, and V is the top design speed. If you wish to calculate the power in megawatts divide the result by 1000 or calculate the power needed with the formula P=3DRV^2/2000.
I think the 3D in each formula is the = glitch again, so the formula is either P=((RV^2)/2) for KW or /2000 for MW?

Weight3D ton per meter in diameter of wheel, screw, jet, or tunnel. Volume3D KL/meter in diameter of wheel or screw. KL/ton3D internal hull volume used for power transmission. Cost3D Credits per meter in diameter of wheel, screw, jet, or tunnel.
All of the 3D here are pretty clearly = signs. This is from the notes to the Marine Power Transmission Table.

Sail Power-- The power generated by wind on sails is determined in a standard atmosphere by this procedure:
1. Multiply the wind velocity in kilometers per hour by 0.28 to convert the wind velocity to meters per second.
2. Calculate the power available in watts with this formula. P3D {[(1286)S]V} 0.1
Where P3D power in watts
Where S3D sail area
Where V3D wind velocity in meters per second
Again, all of the 3D should be =.

When the total sail area is determined, calculate the potential speed expected at several wind velocities. Do this by calculating the power generated by the wind at various wind speeds, then calculate the potential speed with the formula: V^2=3DP^2/R where P is force in kilowatts and R is hull resistance.

This formula is based on kilowatts of power modified by the resistance of vessel's hull. Use the formula R=3D(sqrt(WD)) x rf where WD is the hull's20 displacement multiplied by the percentage of the hull actually in the water and rf is the hull resistance factor found with each hull type in the Hull Types table.
A couple more 3D that shouldn't be there, and another 20. I'm more convinced it's a page break or line break in whatever program Terry originally composed this in.

For each point of rowing ability, the rower is able to increase power output by 40% of the basic wattage value. As an example, an individual with Strength 7 (DM+1) and Constitution 7 (DM+1) has two points of rowing ability. Accordingly, the individual's basic wattage value is increased by 2 x 40% or 80%. This means that:

35 basic wattage x 1.83D 63 watts of total power.
Yet another 3D that should be =, and one that's a bit less obvious than usual because it blends into the number in front of it.

Oars weigh 10kg each and cost CR10 each.20

Paddles-- Light water craft may be propelled with paddles. Though this is similar to rowing a vessel with oars, less power is transfered because paddles have no leverage. A paddle will transmit 60% of the power generated by a rower using an oar.20

Paddles weigh 2 kg and cost CR10 each.
More random 20.

2. Detemine the material volume (MV) of the superstructure by the following equation:
MV3D (2x(superstructure height) x (superstructure length + superstructure width) + (superstructure length x superstructure width))/100
The minimum superstructure thickness should be 0.25 cm.
Another 3D.

Sonar is the sea equivalence of Radar. It is replaced by EMS sensors at TL-10+.

Table 7: Passive Sonar
Weight in tons by Tech Level Price=09
Range 5 6 7 8 9 (Cr)=09
3 0.1 0.05 0.03 0.01 0.005 200=09
30 - 1 0.5 0.3 0.01 2,000=09
300 - - 10 5 0.5 20,000=09
3,000 - - - 10 1 200,000=09
Power (MW): Weight/5
Volume (m3): Weight=D72
Table 8: Active Sonar
Weight in tons by Tech Level Price=09
Range 5 6 7 8 9 (Cr)=09
3 2 1 0.5 0.01 - 5,000=09
30 - 20 10 5 0.5 50,000=09

Power (MW): Weight/5
Volume (m3): Weight=D72
Variable-depth sonar is available beginning at TL7, costs 150%
as much as normal sonar, and has a volume equal to Weight=D73.=09
I have no idea with this table. It looks like something went horribly wrong with the formatting.

Torpedoes-- Torpedoes are designed like submarines, at TLs below 5, they are unguided, at TL5-7 they are typically wire guided, and at TL7 and up they are typically target memory or seeker guided. Torpedo tubes are designed like Space Missles, except with the correct type of control system.20
Yet another random 20.

Pressure Hull and Maximum Depth-- A sub's max depth is 15=D7armor value.
The =D7 also appeared in the sonar table. I'm not sure what it's intended to be.

Helicopters, VTOL aircraft and grav vehicles can operate off any vessel with a clear deck area big enough for wingspan or rotor diameter=D71.5, or length=D71.5 for grav vehicles.
More =D7.

Table 10: Aircraft Catapults

TL Type Mass Length Cost Capacity
(tons) (m) (MCr) (tons)
5 Gunpowder turntable 5 20 0.05 3=09
6 Hydraulic turntable 10 30 0.1 8=09
6 Hydraulic fixed 10 30 0.1 8=09
6 Large hydraulic fixed 15 50 0.3 13=09
7 Steam fixed 40 100 0.8 35=09
More =09, and (I think) the last unusual symbols in the document.
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