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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old May 3rd, 2016, 10:22 PM
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Default Jump accuracy in ANY Traveller System

Hello Folks,
In looking at the rules in CT, MT, T3 (Traveller: The New Era), T4, GT, and MgT (don't know about T20 as I never purchased the D&D based product) - only ONE of the game systems mentioned above actually attempted to do something with the Navigator skill (or Astrogation skill).

What is maddening about this is that MgT alludes to the potential for accuracy or lack of it, causing a ship to either have a either a Mis-jump or an inaccurate jump, or having a jump that is accurate. Problem is, I can't find the rules in MgT main rule book that say what specifically happens (ie how far off the inaccurate jump is). The Example of play on page 3 gives a tantalizing hint of what is involved for an inaccurate jump, but nothing is spelled out later on (table or otherwise that I could see).

T5 has an interesting bit on how accurate (or inaccurate) a jump might be. On an inaccurate jump the distance is equal to flux plus 12 on the Space Range table. As such, an inaccurate jump could range between S7 on up to S17. S17 is REALLY far out (Pun not intended!).

So, anyone got a hint on what/where I can find those inaccurate jump rules specs?

The reason I'm asking is because in my traveller universe (not standard!), precipitating out of Jump space due to bumping into a 100 diameter limit for a star or planet causes minor damage (I'm using GURPS TRAVELLER if that helps).

The way I'm going to try and work it (Similar to how MgT does it) is that a failed roll by 2 or more, results in a misjump, while a miss by 1 means an extreme (outer orbits) style inaccurate jump, and a success up to +3 means an inaccurate jump measured in smaller units.

As I look at what S17 is in actual distance, I was dismayed to discover that it had a range band designation of about 1230 AU's or seven light days from the intended location - making for a LONG travel time to the target world.

So, I'd like to try and find ways to make this a little more interesting for my player and not hose him down - but also give meaning to the skill of Astrogation where it means something and has impact in game play.

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