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T20 - Traveller for the D20 System Open discussion on the D20 version of Traveller!

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Old December 6th, 2002, 02:17 PM
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Here's a planetary system I generated using the T20 rules, to test out the worldgen mechanics. I started from scratch (no pre-existing main world).

Stars in System: Binary (2)

Primary: Red Dwarf
Companion: Red Dwarf

I've hit some problems already here. There is no mechanism to place Companion stars, other than the suggestion on p374 that some are in close orbits around their primary (in Orbit 0), some are far (beyond orbit 20), and a few are in the planetary system. Placement seems to be totally arbitrary here - I decided to place the companion in a Far orbit.

Also, it's suggested that if a Red Dwarf is rolled then the GM can skip Step 4, which includes the bit that determines the Spectral number of the star. I ignored this, and determined that the primary was an M8 V, and the companion was an M3 V. This makes no sense - the primary star in the system should be the more massive star (the M3 V, in this case), since it's the star that the system rotates around (or if you're thinking realistically, the centre of mass of the system is nearer the more massive star than the less massive star). But I'll stick with what it says for now.

All planets are in Outer Zone for both stars since they are Red Dwarfs.

Primary (M8 V): 10 planets + 1 LGG (Orbit 6).

Companion (M3 V): PB (Orbit 0), SGG (Orbit 1), PB (Orbit 2), LGG (Orbit 3), no other planets.{/b]

- - - Main world - - -

Mainworld orbits Companion Star (M3 V)

UWP: B200410A

Mainworld is a satellite of the SGG in Orbit 1.

MW Temperature: Frozen.

I found this very confusing. Are the Temp Modifiers cumulative? Should it be +1 for being a Red Dwarf (Step 3, p372), *and* another +2 for being Type M (Step 4, p372)? Why does being in Orbit 1 give a -2 Temperature modifier (Step 1, p 374) - it's in the outer zone of a Red Dwarf!

The temperature I got (Frozen) is about right for the day side (if calculated realistically, dayside temperature should be about -60 degrees C). Night-time temperature is nonsensical as stated though: -3 x -60 is +180 degrees C. I think they really only mean for the "-" to apply if the max temperature is above 0 degrees C. If this is true, the temperature on the mainworld ranges from -60 C during the day to -180 C at night.

Of course, we don't actually have any way of knowing how long the day or night is, because there is no means provided for generating the rotational period of the world. Realistically speaking, satellites shouldn't really even exist around planets this close to their star because of tidal evolution, but that's way beyond the detail considered here.

Natural Resources Number: 4

Indigenous Lifeforms: None. As an aside, why are there no positive mods for 5, 6, or 8 atmospheres, or clement climates? It seems rather hard to find life even on perfectly habitable worlds.

Population Exponent: 3 (ERRATA: this should be a population MULTIPLIER - the number in the UWP is the exponent)

Starports/bases: Type B starport, no bases (see my other post in errata for Scout/Navy Base confusion).

Trade Classifications: Ni Va (De?).

Trade Balance: 3
(EDIT: I miscalculated this earlier)
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