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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old August 31st, 2016, 10:01 PM
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Default 10 ton Exo-atmospheric Interceptor

The Orbis is a purpose built exo-atmospheric interceptor. fitted with a combination of gravitic drives, and powerful plasma drives the fighter is capable of blistering speed and agility when operating in open space. It's small size.

The Orbis is carried as a high speed interceptor to engage potential threats well outside of striking range of the carrier vessel. Its armor, weapons and speed make it more than a match for most commercially available light fighters and in small groups it is a serious threat to light starships due to it's ability to rapidly close into close combat range and evade enemy fire with its high agility.

Should an enemy engage it the fighters thick armor and Reflec coating give the craft excellent protection against laser based weapons for such a small craft making it even harder to intercept and destroy.

the Orbis can evade heavier fighters, and simply outrun most missiles giving it increased survivability, and the option to ignore and outpace, or out maneuver slower craft that attempt to intercept it.

It can serve as an advanced scout however, it's sensors are not well suited to the role. A purpose built Orbis scout variant is available however it has reduced fuel capacity forcing it to make careful use of its reaction drives during extended flights.

The Orbis is considerably more expensive than the average commercially available fighter of similar size. A potential buyer can purchase less capable craft at a near two to one ratio. this tends to limit the use of the Orbis. however in combat the craft is more than able to deal with the numerical imbalance.

Its plasma drives are mounted on flexible gimbaled mounts that allow them to rotate and alter their alignment to the main hull. this arrangement adds to the agility of the craft and allows it to twist the main hull off the axis of travel while accelerating along it's original line of travel.

While the design has a reasonably streamlined form its flight control system is not well suited for atmospheric operations and the craft seldom enters atmospheres to avoid a catastrophic loss of control due to crosswinds and turbulence. If a pilot must enter an atmosphere to land or launches from a ground base he must avoid radical maneuvers and keep is speed below a level that generates frictional heating on the leading edges of the craft.

The craft is armed with a single turret-mounted pulse laser allowing it to use it's weapon to shoot down enemy missiles, or engage targets across a wide arc of fire. the weapon is sufficient for dealing with light fighters, missiles, torpedoes and lightly armored vessels. However, several fighters must concentrate their fire on more heavily armored vessels to inflict critical damage.

10 ton Fighter Interceptor
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